Marvel Reveals That The Eternals Have Never Been Weaker In The Comics


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Eternals #7

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Eternals, it’s been revealed that the immortal beings have never been weaker or more divided, leading to Thanos gaining incredible power over all of them. In this new issue, the most heroic Eternals have left the greater society of Eternals after learning the darkest truth about their ability to resurrect, and as such, they’ve left the rest of the Eternals weakened, providing the perfect opportunity for Thanos to make a major move.

In previous issues of Marvel’s Eternals from writer Kieron Gillen and artist Esad Ribić, it was revealed that every time an Eternal is brought back to life after being killed, it costs the life of a human being. Unwilling to have their minds wiped of this discovery as has happened in the past, the heroic Eternals Ikaris, Sersi, Kingo, Thena, Sprite, and Phastos have all decided to venture to Lemuria, the realm of their rivals known as the Deviants to see if they can change and move past the dark nature of their immortality.

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However, in the heroes’ absence, Thanos chooses to make his move in Eternals #7, being assisted by Druig who is naturally betraying his own kind in the hopes of gaining power by riding the Mad Titan’s coattails. While the Eternals were about to enter the Uni-Mind in order to reelect Zuras as the Prime Eternal, Thanos throws his own name in the ring, taking advantage of the Eternals’ current weakness and years of division under Zuras, offering greater power and a new age that will seemingly “set them all free”.


Now that Thanos has become the Prime Eternal over Zuras, it looks as though his power will expand as he’s now the ruler over the Eternals’ realm of Olympia, demanding the respect of his new subjects while promising them their own freedom and power (likely a false promise used to mask eventual oppression). Meanwhile, the obstacles facing the heroic Eternals in Lemuria are now greater than ever, seeing how they’ll have to defeat the Mad Titan before they can even begin finding a way for the Eternals to live while viewing the lives of humans as sacred (rather than as a sacrifice).

In any case, this new issue proves how weak the Eternals have been despite their great power, being so divided and opposed to one another’s goals that they actually ended up electing Thanos of all people to serve as their leader. However, it seems likely that Thanos would just as soon kill all of the Eternals before he’d lead them for an extended period of time, having ulterior motives and goals thanks to his new role in the Marvel Universe.

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