Beacon Audiobooks Releases “The Most Hated Man In America” By Author Mark Pendergrast


Everyone knows the story of Jerry Sandusky, the serial pedophile, the Monster. But what if that story is wrong? What if the former Penn State football coach and founder of the Second Mile is an innocent man convicted in the midst of a moral panic fed by the sensationalistic media, police trawling, and memory-warping psychotherapy? “The Most Hated Man in America” unfolds like a true-crime psychological thriller and is required listening for everyone, from criminologists to sports fans.


Independent scholar and science writer Mark Pendergrast is the author of many critically acclaimed, deeply researched works of nonfiction, including Memory Warp, The Repressed Memory Epidemic, Victims of Memory, Uncommon Grounds, Inside the Outbreaks, Mirror Mirror, and For God, Country and Coca-Cola, among others. He lives in Vermont and can be reached through his website, .

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “The Most Hated Man in America: Jerry Sandusky and the Rush to Judgement” written by author Mark Pendergrast and narrated by Charlie Weirauch III. Download your copy on Audible today:

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