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Hi Brett, thanks for sitting down with us today. Let’s start off by telling us a bit about your new single! 

Hi! Thanks so much! My latest single is called ‘Sitting on Top of the World’ – it’s a real “feel-good” bop written by Australia’s Sweetheart, Delta Goodrem. There’s a real excitement in the arrangement and in the song itself which I felt was quite fitting for the way I was feeling about the Entertainment Industry beginning to finally come alive again.

How is it different from other songs you’ve put out in the past?

I tend to sing a good number of soaring ballads- I love to tug at the heart strings and really convey emotion, oftentimes that of heartbreak or unrequited love.

This song is the complete other end of the spectrum – definitely more energized and smile-inducing. You can’t beat a good anthem about feeling on top of the world.

Do you typically tend to tell one cohesive story across an album, or do you lean towards independent songs?

Up until now, I’ve enjoyed playing around with ‘themes’ for sure…. During the summer of 2020 while the world was at a halt I began working on an EP called ‘The Real Thing’ which was a collection of songs that, to me, was spoke to the importance of human connection. We really lost our ability to share that with each other due to the pandemic, so I explored those feelings of love, heartbreak and friendship through the music on that EP. Those are the things that make a connection ‘real’ in my eyes.

Next year I am beginning a new project of original music written by my friend, American Idol contestant Effie Passero. It’s a collection of songs that tells the story of my first real experience with heartbreak… it’s a really special project and I feel lucky to be able to tell the story through these beautiful songs that Effie has written for me.

What’s the scariest part of releasing music for you?

I used to be scared about the reaction from listeners: “will they like it?”

Now that I’m getting older, that has definitely gone away… I get such a rush from releasing music that speaks to me personally. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s really about anyways…. It has to mean something to you.

I’m pushing my boundaries musical with the new material I have been working on lately and it’s the most invigorated I’ve ever felt in my career. I’m really proud of it.

Do you structure or schedule your songwriting or is it more spur of the moment?

When it comes to songwriting, I definitely am more of a collaborator. I like to feed off of another person’s energy and creativity- I find it exhilarating.

I’ve always considered myself to be an “interpreter”… writing has never come naturally to me on my own.

I get very inspired though and if there is a seed of an idea present, I’m always eager to help develop that into something more than it was before. Sometimes you stumble onto something really special….

Do you have a favorite lyric or verse for your new song?

The big chant of the chorus says: “Get Up! Stand Up! Whatcha waiting for??”

…. I love that. If there’s anything that we have learned it’s that life is fleeting. Chase your dreams, go after the things that feel impossible. Nobody wants regrets… and we have the power to control that.

Take Chances.

Thanks for chatting today Brett! Where can we find your music online? 

The pleasure is mine! I’m on all social media platforms and would love to link up! Additionally you can catch me on my website at www.brettpruneaumusic.com

End of Interview

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