‘Poppy Playtime’ Coming to Xbox This Friday [Trailer]

‘Poppy Playtime’ Coming to Xbox This Friday [Trailer]


After being released to the PlayStation and Switch back in 2023, Poppy Playtime will finally be making its way to Xbox. The first chapter of Mob Entertainment’s hit horror title will be headed to the Xbox Series on July 12 for $4.99. Pre-orders are now open. No word yet on when the other chapters will arrive.

For those who have been in the dark regarding the Poppy Playtime phenomena (it even has a film adaptation in the works and books), this puzzle adventure game has you trying to survive and escape an abandoned toy factory, while also avoiding the wrath of the vengeful toys lurking in the dark. Luckily, you have your GrabPack, a wearable backpack that sports two hands with extendable arms. The GrabPack will be the key to solving puzzles, where you’ll have to pick up objects, push hard-to-reach buttons, manipulate electrical currents and more.

It’s unfortunately not that simple, however. You have Huggy Wuggy, a towering furry blue monster with multiple rows of teeth, relentlessly pursuing you the entire time, requiring you to exercise caution wherever you go.

In addition to the PlayStation and Switch, Poppy Playtime is also available on PC via Steam. The latest chapter, Chapter 3, was released back in January.

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