6 Fictional Black Movie Athletes That Impacted Sports Culture

6 Fictional Black Movie Athletes That Impacted Sports Culture


Sports movies have spawned some of the best cinematic athletic figures. While most characters are real-life athletes, some of the best movies feature fictional athletes. Of course, fictional Black athletes are crucial in these films despite often playing a supporting or background role. That doesn’t mean Black sports figures aren’t impactful. Movies, like He Got Game, Above the Rim, Sunset Park, and White Men, Can’t Jump, have pushed notable fictional athletes to the forefront with epic underdog victories. In recent years, acclaimed projects like the Creed franchise have made Black sports stars a movie staple. These works and characters have changed sports entertainment.

So, here are six fictional Black athletes who impacted sports culture.

Alvin Mack (Duane Davis) intimidating an opposing player in The Program

(Image credit: Disney)

Alvin Mack (The Program)

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