Hunter Schafer Joins ‘Blade Runner 2099’ Series

Hunter Schafer Joins ‘Blade Runner 2099’ Series

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In a futuristic twist that’s sure to thrill fans, Hunter Schafer, known for her role in Euphoria, is stepping into the neon-lit world of Blade Runner 2099. The actress has been confirmed to star alongside Michelle Yeoh in Amazon’s upcoming limited series, as reported by Variety.

A New Replicant Adventure

Schafer’s role in the series remains shrouded in mystery, with details about her character tightly under wraps. The series, executive produced by Ridley Scott of the original Blade Runner fame, promises a deep dive into dystopian sci-fi intrigue. Silka Luisa, known for Shining Girls, takes on the role of showrunner, ensuring a blend of suspense and spectacle.

From Euphoria to Everywhere

Schafer recently shared her enthusiasm for getting back to work on Euphoria when the show resumes filming. “I just really miss everybody. Everyone is doing very well in their careers right now,” she told Variety. “Everyone’s kind of blown up, and so with that comes people traveling a lot. Whatever happens, I’m just excited to get back together once it’s time and catch up and hang out.”

While Euphoria is on hold, Schafer isn’t slowing down. Her calendar is packed with exciting projects, including the films Cuckoo and Kinds of Kindness, alongside A-listers Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe. She’s also set to star in the horror flick Palette, a gripping drama titled Mother Mary with Anne Hathaway and Michaela Cole, and even in the innovative video game OD by Hideo Kojima.

Activism Amidst Stardom

Beyond her acting chops, Schafer is making waves in activism. Earlier this year, she was part of a protest organized by Jewish Voice for Peace, advocating for Palestinian rights. During her arrest, she was photographed in a “Cease Fire Now” shirt.

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What’s Next?

As Schafer gears up for her role in Blade Runner 2099, fans eagerly anticipate her dynamic alongside veteran Michelle Yeoh. With Schafer’s rising star power and Yeoh’s seasoned gravitas, this series promises a blend of high-octane action and philosophical depth. Stay tuned as Schafer continues to redefine what it means to be both booked and busy in Hollywood.

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