These  Men’s Sweatpants in Sizes up to 4X Arrive for Father’s Day

These $28 Men’s Sweatpants in Sizes up to 4X Arrive for Father’s Day


What are shoppers saying? Check out some reviews.

Champion Men’s Joggers Reviews

A shopper said, “The jersey weight fabric is just right and not too hot like heavier sweats. I have them in multiple colors. The elastic cuffs eliminate the need to worry about hem length. Side pockets are generous enough for a wallet, keys and phone and the style is presentable enough for a trip to the grocery store without looking like a bum. The fit is generous and comfortable. After numerous washes I have not seen any issues with durability or stitching coming loose.”

Another shared, “I found the fit and quality to be consistent across all the colors so I will be ordering the maroon to complete the set.”

Someone reviewed, “Lightweight fabric, great for warmer weather.”

“Considering that I am very lazy at writing reviews, I must say I’m a very satisfied customer. At the price point, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a decent pair of sweatpants,” a reviewer wrote.

“I would buy these again in a heartbeat,” an Amazon customer said.

A shopper explained, “Nothing is too tight: not the waist band or the ankle bands. I also love the weight of the material. Not too heavy and not too light. The fabric is not too stiff nor too flimsy. I bought more and will buy more. Highly recommended.”

Another said, “These are my most favorite pants! I have two pairs! I bought them after stealing my brother’s one day and they’re just great! Girls, if you want a perfect fitting sweatpants, get these! And guys, if your girlfriend or boyfriend, wants sweatpants as a gift, these are perfect! They are bunched at the ankles, have huge pockets, and the waist is perfect for the ‘slim thick’ look!”

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—Originally published May 1, 2020, at 4:00 a.m. PT

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