Lala Kent’s Latest Digs at Ariana Madix Will Not Have Fans Pumped

Lala Kent’s Latest Digs at Ariana Madix Will Not Have Fans Pumped


However, Kent accused Madix of becoming a diva amid her post-breakup success.

“The show reached a level that it never would have reached without this. And even though it was horrible, I was not mad at the opportunity she was getting outside of the show,” she continued. “What I started getting upset about is now we’re bringing a little bit of divaness to my place of work that I’ve been doing for eight years. And I have a hard time when people think that they are bigger than the show.”

Although Kent denied being jealous of Madix’s latest career opportunities—which include starring in Chicago on Broadway and hosting season four of Peacock’s Love Island USA—she did admit she’s happy the show is taking a pause on filming ahead of season 12.

“Am I scared?” Kent, who is pregnant with her second baby, expressed. “Truthfully, I feel a little bit relieved. I want a break. I cried every day out of frustration. I usually look forward to going and filming that show. I dreaded every second. Every time they said, ‘Hey, you’ve got a day off tomorrow,’ I cried tears of joy because I was so happy I did not have to engage. I have never felt that way before.”

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