‘KARMA: The Dark World’ Gets a Double Helping of Trailers [Watch]

‘KARMA: The Dark World’ Gets a Double Helping of Trailers [Watch]


Wired Productions and Pollard Studio have double-dipped when it comes to new trailers for their upcoming psychological horror game KARMA: The Dark World. We’ve got not one but two new trailers, labeled “Hope” and “Hope(less)”, with each trailer described as a “mirror inverse of the other”, introducing players to the Leviathan Corporation and their Bureau of Thought.

Described as a first-person cinematic psychological thriller set in a dystopian world, KARMA: The Dark World takes place in East Germany, 1984. Players take on the role of Daniel McGovern, a Roam Agent for the omnipresent Leviathan Corporation’s Thought Bureau. You have been brought in to investigate actions that have happened in a very specific moment in time. To do so, Daniel infiltrates the memories of suspects to retrace their steps and piece together his investigations. In doing so, Daniel uncovers fragmented memories of his own lurking within the shadows.

As a Roam investigation officer, you work at night, completing the tasks given by the corporation in complete stealth. Your identity as a Roam Agent is intimidating, giving you leverage to gain entry. Using a combination of investigative tools and their own intellect, players must solve puzzles in order to unravel the truth. Diving into peoples’ minds will have you encountering hallucinations and randomly-changing environments. You have to pay attention to the time and space of your location, as well as observe and spot key personnel and events in order to find your way.

KARMA: The Dark World is currently in development for a release on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series.

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