4 Reasons Why Every Comic Book Fan Should Watch Oliver Stone’s Early Horror Movie, The Hand


If you’re any sort of film fan, then I’m sure you’ve seen some Oliver Stone movies. 

On a basic level, you’ve likely seen one of the best war movies of all time, Platoon. Or, if you’re not into war flicks, then you’ve probably seen his historical drama, JFK. Hell, if you want to get into some deep cuts, then you might even know that Oliver Stone wrote the screenplay to one of the best ‘80s movies, Scarface

But, did you know that like many prominent directors, Oliver Stone cut his teeth making horror movies? His directorial debut was 1974’s Seizure, which was fine. However, his sophomore release, 1981’s The Hand, is actually an excellent psychological horror picture, and one that I think that every comic book fan should check out. Here’s why! 

A cracked up Michael Caine in The Hand

(Image credit: Orion Pictures)

It’s About A Comic Book Artist Who May Or May Not Be A Killer. What More Could You Possibly Want? 

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