How Much Of Glen Powell’s Hit Man Happened IRL? Here’s What The Director Says

How Much Of Glen Powell’s Hit Man Happened IRL? Here’s What The Director Says


Richard Linklater’s newest movie Hit Man is based on the true story of Gary Johnson who was a psychology professor posing as a hitman to help law enforcement catch contract killers. Soon to be an upcoming Netflix movie, fans of Glen Powell will get to see him don the real-life fake hitman sporting many disguises and happily eating pie. But the black comedy film’s director reveals just how much of his new movie happened in real life.

Hit Man was based on a Texas Monthly article written by Richard Linklater’s Bernie co-writer Skip Hollandsworth. As the article’s true story of Gary Johnson got the film adaptation treatment directed, co-written, and co-produced by Linklater, the 2024 Netflix movie follows a fake hitman who becomes romantically entangled with a woman who wants him to kill her husband. But how much of what happened in Hit Man truly happened in real life? The indie filmmaker answered this question to ComicBook:

Oh, that’s a good question. You know, I got to know him a little bit. I just think this movie is so much his point of view, not only of her but just kind of the world, everything. So yeah, it influenced it a lot. You know, what I knew of him personally and what we gather from his life and everything. He had that view. But I think he’d be bemused by this movie where we took it is far beyond his own life. I mean, the article about him ends when he lets her off. So everything from then on is this little thrill ride we take you on. So I don’t know, it’s pretty funny. But yeah, we’re all here for him in a way, you know.

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