Zendaya’s Mom Says She Took A Second Job To Make Ends Meet, But It Ended Up Being Fortuitous For Her Daughter’s Career


From Disney Channel to her big screen presence, Zendaya shines in her Hollywood acting career. Zendaya’s best movies truly show off her range, whether she’s playing Spider-Man’s love interest, trapeze swinging in The Greatest Showman or giving her best performance yet in Challengers. We can all thank the actress’ mom, Claire Stoermer, for taking on that second job that helped her daughter’s career success.

Stoermer initially worked as an elementary school teacher, where she taught Oscar Grant’s nieces in Fruitvale Elementary. But during her 2021 interview with Beyoncé’s mom, Stoermer took a second job to make ends meet at the California Shakespeare Theater Summer Conservatory, where Zendaya would tag along once she was about eight years old. As she recalled:

When I got that job at the theater, she was a baby. She was like two. And my goal was I want to make a little extra money so we can go to Disneyland. Because teachers […] we were paycheck to paycheck. So, I took that second job and it stuck and I became the house manager and she started coming to work with me. […] She would beg me to bring her to technical rehearsals. She would sit in the audience with the lady that was on book and she would hold the flashlight because they would do it at night.

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