Lauren Boebert tried to make a gay joke about Pete Buttigieg. It backfired completely.

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Secretary Pete Buttigieg/Rep. Lauren Boebert

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Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and out Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg have been arguing publicly this week ever since Boebert took credit for bridge funding in her district that she voted against in Congress and Buttigieg called her out.

Now she’s trying to get back at him… by making fun of him for raising kids while gay.

Earlier this week, Boebert bragged on X about having “secured” funding for a bridge in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, which is in Colorado’s Third Congressional District. She wrote that she “was thrilled to hear… that my support has helped make this project a reality.”

The problem was that that funding came through the Biden administration’s Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program, which was funded by Congress through the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that Boebert voted against. And she didn’t just vote against it – she excoriated the bill as “wasteful” and “garbage” and vowed revenge on House Republicans who voted in favor of the “government welfare.”

“Congresswoman, in what way do you believe that your support helped this project?” Buttigieg asked her. “We chose it because it’s a good project, and funded it using President Biden’s infrastructure package, which you voted against.”

Boebert decided she wasn’t going to let this fly and responded by accusing Buttigieg of “chest-feeding” his children. Chest-feeding is a term used by some trans men and nonbinary people to describe feeding their children. Buttigieg is a cisgender gay man, not a trans man, but perhaps Boebert doesn’t know the difference.

“Mayor Pete, maybe you were out chest-feeding and missed my letter, but I personally wrote you about this in June 2022,” she said, before she continued to decry the bill whose funding she was bragging about obtaining just days ago. “Only 13 RINOs in the House voted for your Green New Deal non-infrastructure bill you are touting that wastes hundreds of millions on climate change instead of roads and bridges.”

“And infrastructure grants have been doled out by administrations on both sides for decades so don’t act like you are the sole provider of this funding,” she said, even though an administration can’t give out grants without authorization by Congress, which Boebert voted against.

The letter she referred to was probably the one she sent to support a grant application in her district in 2022 to get funding from the bill after it had already been passed because a majority of her colleagues – mostly Democrats – voted for it.

People mocked her on social media for turning to homophobic insults because she couldn’t win the actual argument. Other people pointed out that Boebert isn’t even attending her own son’s court hearings – while making time to attend Donald Trump’s trial in New York – so maybe she shouldn’t be mocking other people’s parenting.

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