What’s Going On With Tom Cruise’s Space Movie? Here’s What Elon Musk Says


Tom Cruise is a guy who is willing to perform incredible feats for the sake of his movies. He insists on doing his own stunts, which has resulted in Cruise free climbing buildings and jumping off cliffs. At this point, it seems the only thing Cruise hasn’t done is spacewalk, and that’s potentially in the cards.There has been talk in the past about Tom Cruise filming a movie in space, but for that to happen, somebody has to be able to get him up there. On that note, Elon Musk has been linked to the production for a while and has now provided an update on its status.

The SpaceX CEO recently caught up with ET at the Breakthrough Prize ceremony and discussed a few topics with the news outlet. Eventually, he provided some thoughts on Tom Cruise’s proposed space movie. The tech magnate revealed that he’s spoken to the A-lister, but the latter half of his update may disappoint some people:

Tom Cruise has said he wants to do Mission: Impossible in space. We’ve had some discussions, but I’m not sure where his mind is at.

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