Olivia Rodrigo Went Viral On TikTok For Recreating Nicole Kidman’s Iconic AMC Ad, And The Actress Had An A+ Response


While it’s commonly known that we go to AMC theaters “to laugh, to cry, to care,” you could say people go to concerts for the same reasons. “Heartbreak” can feel good in both places, and yes, “stories feel perfect and powerful” both in a theater and on stage. So, it made so much hilarious sense when Olivia Rodrigo decided to recreate Nicole Kidman’s legendary movie theater monologue while promoting her GUTS tour. Now, following the singer’s post going viral, the actress responded in the best way. 

While we know and love Nicole Kidman for her best movies and shows, in recent years she’s become an internet queen due to her AMC ad (which they just revamped) that plays before every film that is shown by the movie theater chain. From fans saluting during the ad to others dressing up in the actress’s pin-stripe suit for Halloween, this commercial has made Kidman a viral internet phenomenon. Now, Olivia Rodrigo has hopped on the trend of showing love for the fun commercial and Kidman by posting this TikTok:


ily montreal 💟

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