Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Envision Herself In A Classic Wedding Dress, But Admits She Already ‘Got To Do It’ In Twilight: ‘Kind Of The One’


It’s been over a decade since the end of the Twilight film franchise, and Kristen Stewart has done a ton of roles since then. In many ways, the Oscar-nominated actress has managed to distance herself from the role of Bella Swan. However, that doesn’t mean she’ll soon forget starring in the vampire-centric series. In fact, Stewart just fondly looked back on the wedding dress she wore in the penultimate movie. It’s actually because of that outfit that she’s not so keen on classic fit when she ties the knot in real life.

When The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 hit theaters back in 2011, Bella Swan’s gorgeous wedding gown was instantly seared into the memory of millions. It’s fair to say that its aesthetic was immediately added to tons of wedding inspiration boards. Kristen Stewart can appreciate the famous Twilight dress, but we probably shouldn’t expect her to channel that in real life:

It’s a nice memory and [Robert Pattinson] looks great. Yeah, I think if I were ever to do a classic wedding dress, this is kind of the one. I’m not going to do it, but I got to do it and I do really appreciate that.

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