Some People Are Boycotting Late Night With The Devil Over AI Use. Here’s What The Directors Say


Since production was first announced back in 2022, people have been going wild for the upcoming horror movie Late Night with the Devil, with many marking it as a “must see” on their 2024 movie schedule. Inspired by late-night talk shows from the 1970s, it provides a fresh take on the found footage and exorcism subgenres. A few days ago, right before its official release in theaters across the U.S., fans on X (formerly known as Twitter) started posting about alleged proof of A.I. usage in the movie, and they were not happy about, some even stating that they will be boycotting the movie all together. Now the directors have released a statement to clarify the situation.

Besides Late Night, director duo Cameron and Colin Cairnes have a few other indie horror movies under their belts, which are full of gory, stomach-churning fun. When they spoke to Variety and provided a statement responding to fans’ uproar, they confirmed that they did use AI briefly in the upcoming movie. They also stated that they experimented with the images, and then their team added their own twists to them. The directors said:

In conjunction with our amazing graphics and production design team, all of whom worked tirelessly to give this film the 70s aesthetic we had always imagined, we experimented with AI for three still images which we edited further and ultimately appear as very brief interstitials in the film. We feel incredibly fortunate to have had such a talented and passionate cast, crew and producing team go above and beyond to help bring this film to life. We can’t wait for everyone to see it for themselves this weekend.

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