The Ultimate Guide To Grooming Men’s Body Hair


Here’s the deal, that scraggly body hair you haven’t trimmed all year isn’t doing you any favors.

It may have been okay back in the ’80s, but today that unkempt body hair makes you look like Chewbacca.

But do you know how to remove men’s body hair properly? Or are you still guessing?

Don’t worry, gents. I’m going to share with you the best tips on grooming men’s body hair so that you can look and feel like the stylish guy you are.

Today, I’ll be covering:

  1. Facial Hair Grooming
  2. Should You Shave Your Chest And Back?
  3. Hairy Or Shaved Armpits?
  4. Manscaping In 2022
  5. Can You Shave Your Legs As A Guy?

#1 Facial Hair Grooming

man washing faceman washing face

Your face is the first thing people notice when meeting you. That’s why it’s crucial to upkeep your facial hair often.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for facial hair as we all have different styles. Some of us will have beards, and others will like a clean-shaven appearance.

While there are many ways to groom your facial hair, there are only two main ways you can accomplish the goal: trim it or shave it.

Trimming Your Facial Hair


This is for you guys who like to rock beards. Beards are fantastic at giving off a rustic and strong appearance. But it is essential to maintain your beard so you don’t look like a mountain man.

When trimming your facial hair, you want to make sure everything is uniform in length.

Utilizing an electric trimmer, make sure you use the proper length guide to fit what length you want to achieve.

After that, it’s as simple as running the trimmer over the entirety of your beard to make sure it’s all the same length. Once you have done that, you can remove the guide and use the trimmer to touch up lines and smaller areas to make it look perfect.

Getting The Perfect Shave

shaving kit with soap and straight razorshaving kit with soap and straight razor

Now for you clean-shaven gents. Shaving your face daily will often provide you with the best results; however, you must be careful if you have sensitive skin. But how do you get the perfect shave?

The best time to shave is after you have just taken a warm shower, so the hairs on your face are nice and soft.

Try using a pre-shave oil or cream that further softens the hairs to prevent issues later. Then lather up with your favorite shaving cream and begin.

You can use a multiblade razor for this or if you have sensitive skin, try a safety razor. Safety razors are a great way to shave; they take away a lot of the potential issues of ingrown hairs and tugging by using only one blade.

Multiblade razors cut below the skin level and can cause ingrown hairs, so be mindful.

After you’ve completed your shave, rinse your face with cold water and use a post-shave balm for the best effects. Aftershaves can also be used but can burn and cause irritation, so again, if you have sensitive skin, be aware.

#2 Should You Shave Your Chest And Back?

man shaving chestman shaving chest

You’ve got a well-groomed face; now it’s time to move to the upper body. The real question is whether you should shave or trim your chest and back hair. The answer – it depends.

It depends because, just like facial hair, this is a personal preference. We all know that body hair shaving affects attractiveness and that women prefer well-groomed guys. So if you like to maintain hair on your chest and back, use an electric trimmer to keep the length, so it doesn’t get out of control.

Now, if you’re looking to shave it off, use a multiblade razor and plenty of shaving cream to get the job done. You may need a handheld mirror to get your back done correctly, but otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward.

Shaving your chest and back hair has become regular as most guys prefer its cleanliness and appeal. It also only requires maintenance once or twice per week.

Regardless of whichever route you go, ensure it’s neat. The rule of thumb to remember is that you either trim it or shave, not one of each. For example, don’t shave your chest and leave your back hair growing wild, and vice versa.

You’ll look much more attractive when they are both uniform.

#3 Hairy Or Shaved Armpits?

A man posing confidently against a light blue wall with his arms raised behind his head, showcasing a relaxed and casual stance in a white tank top.A man posing confidently against a light blue wall with his arms raised behind his head, showcasing a relaxed and casual stance in a white tank top.

Should you shave your armpits? While this is a simple question, it’s not odd considering that women have been doing it for ages.

While the evidence doesn’t support the benefits of shaved armpits, it is essential to note that men prefer things that leave them feeling clean and fresh.

But why would a man want to shave his armpits?

  • Sweat: While shaving your underarms won’t produce less sweat, the sweat stains on your clothes can be less pronounced as the hair can hold sweat longer.
  • Aesthetics: Whether you’re a model or a regular guy, no one wants to see that armpit hair poking out of your shirt.
  • Hygiene: Bacteria can grow in the damp area of your armpit and cause odor. By shaving, you can reduce that area and decrease bacteria.

Shaving your armpit hair can help you feel more comfortable and reduce sweat stains on clothing.

So if you’re interested in trying this out, get some shaving cream and a razor, and give it a go. It grows back quickly, so what do you have to lose?

#4 Manscaping – Keep It Simple

A man seen from behind in the shower, looking into a mirror mounted inside the shower, which is partially obscured by water droplets, reflecting a moment of personal careA man seen from behind in the shower, looking into a mirror mounted inside the shower, which is partially obscured by water droplets, reflecting a moment of personal care

One of the biggest mistakes guys make in their body hair grooming regiment is not taking the proper time to manscape.

But what is manscaping?

Manscaping is a term dubbed for grooming hair in the pubic region. We all have it and should take the proper steps to ensure it’s neat and tidy.

The best rule of thumb regarding manscaping is to keep it simple.

Use an electric trimmer to keep things neat. Your goal here is to trim things and not cut things, so try avoiding a razor.

Make sure you get everything trimmed up nicely and edged well. This will be the best way to keep that well-groomed appearance without looking like you just got a bikini wax.

Manscaping can also help better your hygiene as removing extra hair can help reduce the surface area bacteria has to cling to, causing odor.

#5 Can You Shave Your Legs As A Guy?

man shaving legs with safety razorman shaving legs with safety razor

We recently conducted a poll here at RMRS and asked the question – should men shave their legs?

The majority of people voted NO.

While the results showed that most people feel this way, it is essential to note why men would want to do so.

Reasons to shave your legs as a man:

  • You want to
  • You have extremely hairy legs
  • You are a competitive swimmer or triathlete
  • You want to show off your muscles
  • Getting a tattoo

Reasons NOT to shave your legs as a man:

  • It takes work to maintain
  • The cost of razors or waxing
  • It can be painful
  • It can itch when it grows back
  • People can find it weird

With this information, it’s best to keep your leg hair trimmed with an electric trimmer. And if you find yourself wanting to shave it all off, do so accordingly but know it may not be the most acceptable thing you can do.

That’s it, gents. You no longer have to wonder how to remove that body hair correctly.

After you’ve mastered this guide, check out these grooming mistakes all men make.

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