I Finally Watched Ghostbusters: Afterlife And There’s One Thing In Particular That Really Impressed Me


I have this problem that sometimes prevents me from seeing a movie for years. It’s called procrastination. Sometimes if I don’t go see a movie within a few months of its release, I continuously delay watching it. Ghostbusters: Afterlife falls into that category. Curiosity and the Ghostbusters: Afterlife cast made me want to see it during its initial run, I just never got around to it. But, with Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire hitting theaters soon, I finally decided to watch the first movie in this revival series. 

I didn’t have many expectations going into the movie. It was well-received by critics, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I will like it. Additionally, I really enjoyed Ghostbusters (2016) and we know many people didn’t love that film (it didn’t deserve the backlash). Therefore, it could have gone either way for my enjoyment of Afterlife

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