A24 Bringing ‘Hereditary’ Back to Theaters; Remastered in Never-Before-Seen IMAX!


Three of A24’s most popular movies are headed back to theaters in never-before-seen IMAX as part of a new monthly screening event, the company has announced this afternoon.

A24 x IMAX Present: Hereditary, Ex Machina and Uncut Gems remastered!

The screenings begin on March 27, and you can get tickets now.

The first in the series, Ex Machina, will be followed by an exclusive sneak peek of director Alex Garland’s upcoming Civil War. Those screenings take place on Wednesday, March 27.

Hereditary follows on April 24, followed by Uncut Gems on May 22. Tickets for those two movies aren’t yet available, but they’re coming soon. Keep your eyes locked on A24’s website.

Ari Aster made an impossible-to-ignore arrival on the scene with Hereditary in 2018, and we celebrated the acclaimed horror movie’s fifth anniversary here on BD just last year.

Ron Breton wrote, “Hereditary offers a similar emotional resonance to this new generation of horror – my generation of horror– as movie-goers in the seventies when they first saw Exorcist. Much like Aster’s film, we see the incomprehensible evil wear the face of a young girl; the victim of a raw deal she had no say in, as it tears a family to its core. Sure, both films offer so many terrifying visuals that can make the hair stand up on anyone’s neck – but it also depicts intense relationships and emotions that are tangible. Real. Familiar.”

“In that familiarity lies the uncanny, ready to rear its ugly head and force us to confront thoughts and horrors laying dormant and clawing at our psyche,” Breton continued his 5th anniversary celebration of Hereditary. “And it doesn’t matter if it’s been five or fifty years. These horrors are always there, as we become pawns in its horrible, hopeless machine.”

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