Fraser Is Ready to Fire This Crewmember


It’s Barbie’s world—and Fraser Olender is tired of living in it.

In fact, the Below Deck Chief Stew seems ready to throw Stew Barbie Pascual overboard for her constant back-talking and negative attitude in E! News’ exclusive sneak peek at the Bravo series’ March 11 episode.

While setting up their charter guests’ dinner table, the crewmembers have a tense exchange after Barbie, once again, questions her boss’ leadership skills.

“Do I have to switch out silverware tonight?” she asks in the clip, to which Fraser replies, “No, you shouldn’t have to.”

Barbie quips back, “I’m not really good with this. I’m just used to having a Chief Stew who tells me.”

The passive-aggressive comment rubs Fraser the wrong way, prompting him to address it head-on.. “Do you want me to tell you?” he asks. “Is that what you’re trying to say?”

In a confessional, Fraser admits Barbie’s attitude is reminiscent of controversial season 10 Stew Camille Lamb, who was fired last year for her unprofessionalism and continual refusal to obey the rules.

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