The Boogeyman’s David Dastmalchian Plays Coy Providing An Update About His Developing Stephen King Project


If you need any more reason to be excited by the fact that Mike Flanagan is adapting The Dark Tower, I recommend that you check out his comments on the scene that he is most excited to bring to life (spoiler alert: it’s a scene from late in the series that brought him to tears). But that wasn’t the only exciting development in the world of Stephen King this past week; in addition to a new Blu-ray review and a first reaction to the author’s latest book, I also have a new King Beat exclusive to entice Constant Readers.

This week’s column features an update from David Dastmalchian about the King project he is working on with director Rob Savage, a close look at Scream Factory’s new Blu-ray release of Stephen King’s The Shining, and early buzz about the upcoming short story collection You Like It Darker. Let’s dig in!

David Dastmalchian in The Boogeyman

(Image credit: 20th Century Studios)

David Dastmalchian Isn’t Spilling The Beans About His Mystery Stephen King Project, But He And Rob Savage Are Hard At Work

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