Harvey Guillén Cheers for Queer Representation in Disney’s Future

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Even though mainstream animated films have been a bit slow on the uptake, Harvey Guillén, the beloved What We Do in the Shadows actor, sees a rainbow at the end of the tunnel for LGBTQ+ representation in Disney animations.

Guillén’s Optimistic Outlook

While chatting with ComicBook.com, Guillén, who also voiced a character in Wish, expressed his confidence in Disney’s journey toward inclusivity. “They’re making strides in the right direction,” he remarked. Reimagining the wheel of animation isn’t easy, but according to Guillén, Disney is stepping up. The idea of a queer Disney princess isn’t just a dream; Guillén believes it’s a possibility in the very near future.

“I think that we are in the lifespan of that potentially happening,” he said. “It takes time with stuff like that. Representation has taken so long just in film in general with every studio and every company. And so it’s taken us this far to come this far but look how far we’ve gotten.” 

Disney’s Magical World Embraces Diversity

For years, Disney has captivated us with stories of heroism, adventure, and magic. Yet, the representation of LGBTQ+ characters in these tales is a relatively new chapter in Disney’s narrative. Recent films like Frozen, Raya and the Last Dragon, and Luca have hinted at a more inclusive future, showcasing characters that resonate with queer audiences.

A Look Back: Queer Coding in Disney

Before openly celebrating LGBTQ+ characters, Disney subtly included them through queer coding. Characters like Hades from Hercules and Jafar from Aladdin carried traits commonly associated with LGBTQ+ stereotypes. This method provided a glimpse of representation, albeit in a nuanced and sometimes problematic way, during less accepting times.

Breaking New Ground in Representation

The landscape is shifting with characters like Officer Specter in Onward and Artie in Cruella, who represent a more explicit acknowledgment of LGBTQ+ identities. Disney’s TV shows, such as The Owl House and Andi Mack, have also made significant strides by portraying queer characters authentically, moving beyond mere insinuations to genuine representation.

Overcoming Hurdles: Disney’s Journey Amidst Controversy

Despite its progress, Disney’s path to inclusivity hasn’t been without its challenges. Balancing global audience expectations has led to controversies, including censorship in various regions. Moreover, the criticism over portraying LGBTQ+ characters as secondary or stereotypical underscores the ongoing struggle for meaningful representation.

The presence of LGBTQ+ characters in Disney animations is more than a nod to diversity; it’s a powerful tool for building empathy and understanding. For LGBTQ+ youth, seeing themselves reflected in these stories can be incredibly affirming, offering role models and a sense of belonging. Harvey Guillén’s enthusiasm shines a light on the potential for more inclusive and representative Disney narratives. With voices like his advocating for change, the hope for a queer Disney hero doesn’t seem so far-fetched after all.

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Harvey Guillén Cheers for Queer Representation in Disney’s Future

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