How Many Fragrances Does a Man Need?


Man shopping for cologneMan shopping for cologne

A long time ago, it wasn’t uncommon for a man to simply live in his natural smell. His musk may have even been a sign of his verility. Before cologne showed up, hygiene wasn’t exactly at the top of a man’s priorities. We were too busy hunting and surviving.

That is no longer the case. We can go to the grocery store and are under the protection of a civilized society. We live in a world where our scent sends a message. If you are smelling like you just came from the gym, it turns people away.

Not only can it turn away a hopeful romantic partner, but it can actually impact your bank account. It can keep you from getting jobs if the interviewer is appalled by your aroma. You may not get the promotion if people don’t want to be in close proximity with you.

While our hygiene has taken leaps and bounds of progress during our evolution, we now go even further with cologne. But cologne can be confusing for the newbie on the market.

It isn’t just about buying a smell. It is about getting the right scent before understanding how many you need. Uses for cologne, the breakdown of cologne, and what you should smell like and when all play into it.

Where Did Cologne Come From?

Egyptian image holding pottery Egyptian image holding pottery

We may have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean we’ve always smelled good. We’ve only adopted smelling our best in the last few thousand years. While you and I may be used to it now, perfumes didn’t appear until Ancient Egypt.

Back then, it was more than just spraying something that smells nice on your skin and going about your day. Smelling good belonged to the wealthiest of people. Perfumes were expensive, so only those with disposable income could partake. Smelling great was a status symbol.

It wasn’t simply used for the skin back then, either. The rich and the important people would use perfumes to give their clothes, furniture, and even the air a pleasant aroma. They would use the scents to show their status over the more meager lives surrounding them.

Nowadays, we are blessed with more affordable ways of smelling great. Colognes and perfumes have become widespread for all income levels. Of course, you’ll need to be rich if you still want to use it for your furniture and air. We recommend using air fresheners and Febreeze instead.

How Much To Spray: Less Is More

man choosing a best cologne for himman choosing a best cologne for him

We’ve all been in that situation where someone who smelled overpowering sat beside us in class. In the cubicle next to us is someone who doesn’t wear deodorant. The truth is, foul body odor isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. 

It is just as easy to overpower those around you with your attempt to smell pleasant. Colognes consist of alcohols and oils, which can carry potent scents. That means that less is more when applying them. 

The rule of thumb here is to use the three-foot rule.

Someone outside three feet should never smell you. There are a few reasons for this rule. First, you will want your date to get close to you, and you don’t want her nostrils burning when she does.

The second is professional relationships, which require shaking hands and sitting at conference tables. The last thing you want to be remembered for is your scent. You don’t get jobs because you smell good. Be remembered for what you bring to the table.

cologne projectioncologne projection

The way you smell should be an afterthought. It should be an addition to your great qualities. Not the quality that people remember you by. Liberal amounts of cologne invade other’s senses and distract from everything else. Hence, less is more.

The best way to accomplish the perfect three-foot rule is to be conservative on the amount you use. How much you spray is less critical than where you spray. Sticking to your hot spots, like the side of your neck, will extend the life of the cologne. You can also apply it on your inner wrists, your inner elbows, and just above your pubic region. 

Cologne is meant to be discovered, not announced.

Spraying on your clothes is a waste. Unless you are part of that wealthy crowd, you want to save your cologne. 

What Is Up With The Fragrance Notes?

Fragrance notes pyramidFragrance notes pyramid

Choosing your scent comes with a whole lot of questions. What do you do every day? Is there a specific message you want to send? What kind of fragrance speaks to you

However, you may be extremely confused if you have read what is in a fragrance. For instance, there may be three to five different scents in different layers. Those are broken up into top, mid, and base notes. If you have ever wondered what those are, you aren’t alone. 

Each note has a specific purpose and also has its own evaporation rate. That means just because you smell something when you put it on doesn’t mean anyone will smell it later. 

  • Base note: The base note is the foundation of your scent. It goes on the heaviest and supports the lighter fragrances above it. Because it goes on the heaviest, it will last the longest. Most of these have an evaporation rate of about six hours. 
  • Mid note: Your mid note is the essence of your scent. Sometimes called the heart note, this fragrance is the one you want to sport for all those around you. These start to appear as the top notes fade and add depth and resonance to your scent. They typically last you around an hour. 
  • Top note: This is the one you smell the most in the store. This is the overpowering smell when you spray it in the air or on a testing strip. Don’t worry too much about the overpowering scent; these don’t last that long. Sometimes referred to as headnotes, these begin the story of the smell and only last about fifteen minutes. 

New to fragrances? Read our guide: Introduction To Fragrance, Cologne, Eau De Toilette & Perfume

Uses Of Your Different Colognes

man is testing cologneman is testing cologne

You should have colognes for two different uses: work and play. One is lighter and less expensive, and the other is your unique fragrance. It will be heavier and cost more but will last longer in the long run. 

Your work scent is the one you wear daily. This is the go-to fragrance whether you put it on to go to the office or run errands. Generally speaking, this is your lighter scent. It should be something that is more fleeting. It should be noticed and then forgotten. You don’t want to distract from your mission. 

The play scent is your more fun fragrance. This is for the big date night. It is for your evening event. This is the scent that brings your partner in close. You can even call it your cuddle scent. Your play scent is heavier and more expensive. Since you are wearing it less, don’t skimp on the quality. 

How Many Different Kinds Of Cologne Do You Need?

collection of fragrancescollection of fragrances

Now that you have that information out of the way let’s get down to it. How many fragrances do you need anyway? Should you have one signature scent? What about seasons? Or outfits?

First and foremost, there is no steadfast rule on how many colognes you have to have in your collection. However, different scents go really well in different seasons of the year. That can be a good framework for building your fragrance collection.

The best way to start is to grab a work scent and a play scent for every season. This gives you eight aromas to build from. 

Eight fragrances can sound like a lot to take on at one time. If you are just starting out, you can spend upwards of $1000.

Keep in mind that your play fragrance will only be worn once or twice a week for three months out of the year. You won’t have to replace the more expensive ones often.

Your daily work scent may need to be replaced every two years or so. 

What Fragrances Should You Pick Up For The Seasons?

K By Dolce GabannaK By Dolce Gabanna

Spring Fragrances

With springtime comes new beginnings. Everything is fresh and new. Flowers bloom, temperatures rise, and the world feels fresh. That means your cologne should smell fresh, too.

While the flowers bloom around you, stick with floral scents on you like geranium, lavender, and jasmine. Don’t think that floral aromas are just for women; they are light and pleasant on you, too. 

Best spring fragrances

Summer Fragrances

The sun is going to beat down on you during the summer months, and therefore, heavy scents are going to feel heavy as well. Your summer notes should also be light, sticking with things like citrus smells.

Bergamot, lemon, and grapefruit will keep you smelling light and fresh even as the sun heats you. 

Best summer fragrances

Fall Fragrances

As the leaves start to change, you are going to feel the need for more heft in your wardrobe. You will want to find that same heft in your fragrances. As the leaves change and the earth moves forward, you’ll want your own scents in kind.

Smokey and woodsy notes that work well in the fall include cedarwood, sandalwood, and pine.

Best fall fragrances

Winter Fragrances

The colder seasons bring the holidays, and that means we can’t help but wear food-inspired colognes.

Cinnamon, orange blossom, clove, and cocoa are popular fragrances during the holiday season. When you need to keep the mood light during the winter blues, find yourself some playful winter fragrances.

Best winter fragrances

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