Anya Taylor-Joy Showed Off A Gorgeous Dune 2 Premiere Look, But Instead It Started A Debate About Whether Or Not Corsets Are OK


Another Dune: Part Two premiere was over the weekend and with it came the, fully to-be-expected, head-turning fashion that usually makes up a red carpet. It’s normal for people to be wowed on Instagram, or even debate whether a particular look “works,” but when Anya Taylor-Joy posted images of her red carpet look, it set off a very different conversation, all about the health and safety of corsets.

Zendaya at the UK Dune premiere had people talking about her outfit. Anya Taylor-Joy probably wanted people to do the same, but it didn’t work out in quite the same way.  The first in a series of pictures that Taylor-Joy posted to Instagram shows her in nothing but a corset. It is quite revealing, which was certainly the point. 

Anya Taylor- Joy in a corset

(Image credit: Instagram)

The image has a lot of people in the comments of the post talking corsets. A lot of people are being critical of the actress, claiming that corsets do everything from normalizing unrealistic standards of beauty to causing injury and death. You can check out the finished look by the Menu star below:

Anya Taylor-Joy on the Dune red carpet

(Image credit: Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

The issue for some seems to be that Anya Taylor-Joy is either already rather thin, or the corset makes her so, with one commenter saying:

Can we not normalize starvation?

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