‘Jennifer’s Body’ Is Girly Pop Horror Perfection [The Lady Killers]


Presented by Lisa Frankenstein1989 Week is dialing the clock back to the crossroads year for the genre with a full week of features that dig six feet under into the year. Today, The Lady Killers revisit Diablo Cody’s 2009 slice of horror,  Jennifer’s Body.

“Hell is a teenage girl.”

By now it’s safe to say that the world was not ready for Jennifer’s Body when it first released in 2009. Call it bad marketing, Juno fatigue, or audience aversion to a female-led horror comedy, this progressive film not only bombed at the box office, it sent director Karyn Kusama to what she calls “movie jail” for the better part of the next decade. But nearly fifteen years later, this beloved film about female empowerment seems to have finally found its audience. Not only is it a prime example of Boys In Danger horror, but Kusama and writer Diablo Cody take their female characters seriously and cast a loving light on the pain of feminine adolescence. With Lisa Franksentsein just around the corner, the Lady Killers are zipping up their pink hoodies, twirling their flags, and hitching a ride with Lance Henriksen for a girly pop conversation about Cody’s original stab at the hell of teenage girlhood.

Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) and Needy Lesnicki (Amanda Seyfried) have been BFF since their sandbox days. But lately, this friendship has started to curdle. Needy’s boyfriend Chip (Johnny Simmons) doesn’t really approve of the way she talks to his girlfriend, and Jennifer has been transformed into a powerful succubus by an evil emo band. What can we say? Sometimes friends just grow apart. In the second edition of their series on Bad Romance, Jenn AdamsSammie KuykendallMae Shults, and Rocco T. Thompson will cross out Jennifer and chat about Lesbi-gay lingo, hook-handed teachers, and Evil Adam Brody – the patron hunk of the Lady Killers podcast.

Are Chip and Needy destined to be together or is she truly meant for Jennifer? What does “wear something cute” actually mean? Who invited Chris Pratt to the party? Does Low Shoulder have any other songs and what kind of monster would want to kill a gothed-up Kyle Gallner? They’ll tackle all these questions and more while munching on Toast Ems, throwing tennis balls into a well, and killing boys in this super good episode on the hot pink horror classic Jennifer’s Body.

We kinda thought you might be plugin.

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