9 Excellent Carl Weathers Movies And TV Performances And How To Watch Them


When thinking about the ‘80s, there are three actors who immediately come to my mind-Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Carl Weathers. And while Schwarzenegger and Stallone are thankfully still alive and active, we recently lost the magnificent Carl Weathers.   

As a movie fan, Carl Weathers’ death depresses me, but as a Black movie fan, it’s especially upsetting. With Andre Braugher’s death still fresh on my mind, Weathers’ death makes for yet another devastating loss.    

But, the beauty of film and television is that Carl Weathers’ legacy will live on through his work. So, here are 9 excellent roles from the one and only Carl Weathers.  

Carl Weathers in Rocky

(Image credit: MGM)

Apollo Creed (Rocky)  

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