Beast Boy Reveals He Can Cheat His Powers to Become DC’s Smartest Man Alive



  • Beast Boy’s brain power can outperform even the smartest people in the DC Universe, thanks to his ability to transform into animals with larger glia-to-brain ratios.
  • Transforming into animals gives Beast Boy the brain capacity to formulate plans at faster rates, making him an essential asset to the Titans in superhero situations.
  • Beast Boy’s ability to enhance his cognitive ability through his powers is a valuable benefit that allows him to make up for his own tactical limitations.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Titans: Beast World #1!None of the geniuses in the DC Universe can compare to Beast Boy when he uses his powers correctly. When the Earth comes under fire from one of the worst threats imaginable, only Garfield Logan can save the day. Beast Boy reveals just how his abilities can make his brain power outperform the smartest people in the DC Universe.

In Titans: Beast World #1 by Tom Taylor and Ivan Reis, the evil Brother Blood (now Eternity) unleashes a powerful monster known as the Necrostar. DC’s heroes assemble and discover the only way to stop it is with Starro the Conqueror. Beast Boy, however, has a better idea.

Beast Boy Plan DC

Beast Boy and Cyborg head to the ocean where the latter questions why Gar needed to turn into a whale. According to Beast Boy, whales have the largest glia-to-brain ratio, giving him the brain capacity needed to grasp his plan. Now that Gar can properly analyze his plan, he begins to transform into a monster similar to Starro.

Beast Boy Can Become Incredibly Intelligent by Increasing His Brain Size

Beast Boy Whale Transformation DC

After Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Justice League felt it was best to step down and make way for a new generation of heroes to lead. They asked the Titans to take their place as the leading superhero team of the DC Universe and they didn’t take that request lightly. The team began acting in a global capacity, not just responding to supervillain activity, but things as important as deforestation. Beast Boy in particular was intent on making sure the Titans were just as committed to repairing the damage done to the world as they were at stopping it.

Fans all know that Beast Boy’s greatest talent is transforming into whatever animal he desires, which is quite the superpower. But rarely is it explored how these various animal states affect Gar’s brain. Interestingly enough, whales do have the largest brains and thanks to their higher concentration of glial cells, they could theoretically process information at speeds humans can’t imagine. While the act of turning into a creature doesn’t inherently make Beast Boy smarter, it does allow him to think at rates he just wouldn’t be able to as a human. Gar often transforms animals for strength or speed, but he can also use his powers to enhance his cognitive ability.

Beast Boy’s Mind Enhancement is the Best Benefit of His Powers

Beast Boy Villain DC 1

While transforming into a whale or another animal won’t automatically turn Beast Boy into a genius, it gives him the brain capacity needed to formulate plans at much faster rates. Time is of the essence in most superhero situations, so having a move that expands Gar’s mind to help his team is always a plus. Gar might be seen as the joker of the Titans, but it can’t be said he doesn’t know his animals or the advantages their biology provides. Whenever the moment calls for it, Beast Boy can make up for his own inability to think tactically by transforming himself into a much more capable animal.

Titans: Beast World #1 is on sale now from DC Comics.

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