Tom Cruise Is Known For His Stuntwork These Days, But He Had No Idea What He Was Getting Into With Far And Away


These days actor Tom Cruise’s stuntwork in some of the best action movies is one of his major claims to fame. However, that wasn’t always the case during the earlier days of his career as he took on more drama than action (with the exception of films like Top Gun). So, it makes sense that when he signed on to 1992’s epic romance Far and Away, the Mission: Impossible star didn’t know he’d be getting a “ferocious” crash course in stunt work.

In all fairness, the marketing for that Ron Howard-directed film wouldn’t have prepared anyone for the more intense component that Tom Cruise partook in. Nowhere was that more apparent than during his interview promoting the film with Rolling Stone, where Cruise candidly admitted that fact thusly:

It was ferocious — I didn’t realize it would be so physical. I really took a pounding. I had knuckles going into my back, my chest. And I really got hit in the ribs a lot. For about a week and a half, I was in constant pain.

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