James Cameron Just Confirmed Avatar 3’s Release Date, So Buckle Up For That Wait


For a decade James Cameron promised fans a sequel to Avatar. And for most of that decade, we wondered if the sequel would be embraced the way the first one was. Now that we have confirmation that, yes, in fact, people do care about Avatar 2 to the tune of $2 billion global box office dollars. You can be sure everybody from fans to the Walt Disney Company are looking forward to the release of Avatar 3. And in a massive change of pattern, it looks like the next movie in the franchise is still coming out when they last told us.

Avatar 3, like Avatar 2 has had so many release dates over the last decade that it’s hard to keep track of them all. From screenwriting delays to filming schedules to global pandemics, it seems that every time James Cameron opened his mouth to talk about Avatar in recent years it was to push the movie back. But in a recent conversation with New Zealand’s 1 News, Cameron confirmed a Christmas 2025 release date for Avatar 3 is still the plan. He said… 

We’re into a very hectic two years of post-production right now, so it’ll be Christmas of ’25.

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