Go Fishing for Demons With ‘My Little Blood Cult’ on December 14 [Trailer]


Sure, DREDGE is an awesome Lovecraftian fishing game (which recently had a new DLC launch), but what if you want something darker? Dillo Interactive looks to answer that with their own horror-centric fishing game next month with My Little Blood Cult. Launching into Early Access on December 14th on Steam, My Little Blood Cult trades in your trawler for a fishing rod, a sturdy chair, and a vial of blood.

Your objective in My Little Blood Cult is simple: become the most powerful cult known to man. How do you do it? Capture demons, monsters, and everything in between by dropping a line into the bowels of the abyss, baited with the blood of your followers, and reel one in.

You can increase your odds of pulling in something truly terrifying by upgrading your equipment, finding oddities, and fusing together powerful new lures using alchemy. As you progress, you’ll unlock themed worlds and alters to collect monsters and demons inspired by history, legend, and pop culture.

Dillo Interactive plans on keeping My Little Blood Cult in Early Access for about a year to add more demons and features. Some of the planned features include new rooms with expanded demon harvesting, blood letting & summoning mechanics and weekly/monthly event systems. That’s on top of the expanded demon roster and grimoires that players can collect. For Early Access, the game will feature 4 core grimoires and around 58 demons.

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