George And Amal Clooney Had Dinner With Daniel Craig And More Celebs And I Gotta Wonder If Batman Or Bond Came Up


The Big Apple’s dazzling lights faced serious competition last night as George Clooney and his spouse Amal Clooney played hosts at their second annual Albie Awards at the iconic New York Public Library. Hollywood’s crème de la crème descended upon the city that never sleeps. As expected, the guest list was a veritable who’s who of the entertainment world, including the likes of Daniel Craig, which got me thinking: Do Batman or Bond ever come up at these kinds of things? What else do celebs talk about at these types of events? 

The Albie Awards, named in honor of anti-apartheid hero Justice Albie Sachs, is organized by the Clooney Foundation For Justice and is dedicated to honoring “courageous defenders of justice who face significant risks in their work.” According to Page Six, the event brought together A-listers from all walks of the industry, leaving me wondering what celebs talk about at these events. Does the ER veteran ever wonder whether or not the next James Bond Movie will bring back returning characters from Craig’s run as 007? Does the Casino Royale performer have a personal list of unfairly overlooked Batman characters? I have to know! 

George and Amal, the captivating couple who could easily pass as characters from a Bond film, have been happily married since 2014. Their appearance at the event exuded an irresistible charm and grace. Amal, the British barrister with Lebanese heritage, stole the spotlight in a breathtaking white sequined gown adorned with a short train, a matching clutch, and cascading diamond earrings. In contrast, George, the epitome of suave sophistication, donned a classic black tuxedo, complementing his wife’s radiant allure.

George and Amal Clooney on the red carpet

(Image credit: Photo by Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

The trio shared a candid moment of laughter with none other than the fashion icon Donatella Versace, who dazzled in a silver sequined gown. But amidst an evening dedicated to justice, what could three fashion luminaries possibly discuss? Did the Ides of March actor inquire about her memorable cameo in one of Will Ferrell’s best comedic gems, Zoolander? Or perhaps the actor and his wife asked about her thoughts on Penélope Cruz’s portrayal of her in the second season of Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story, which famously documented the assassination of her brother Gianni. The answer is likely no, but the possibilities are as intriguing as they are limitless.

While the event boasted an abundance of A-Listers, my primary fascination of the night revolved around the versatile actor who has masterfully portrayed both Ian Fleming’s iconic creation and Benoit Blanc in Ryan Johnson’s Knives Out seriesDaniel Craig. Dressed impeccably and accompanied by his Oscar-winning wife, Rachel Weisz, Craig sported a fresh, longer hairstyle that deviated from his usual look. I couldn’t help but wonder, did he and Clooney engage in a spirited debate about who would emerge victorious in a battle of mystery-solving wits between Blanc and Batman? I wonder if Craig has questions about the crazy way The Flash brought back George Clooney as Bruce Wayne. This daydream-worthy scenario ignites my imagination.

As stars dined together, celebrating justice at the Albie Awards, one can’t help but wonder about the diverse conversations that might occur at these black-tie events. But, it’s a mystery we may never have an answer to, leaving us only to speculate.

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