Bethenny Frankel slams ‘stupid’ Carole Radziwill over ‘white savior complex’ shade

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Don’t mess with this B.

Bethenny Frankel blasted her ex-BFF, Carole Radziwill, escalating the ongoing feud between the two former “Real Housewives of New York” stars.

Frankel called Radziwill “stupid” and “arrogant” after the latter slammed her as a “white savior” for giving TJ Maxx employees her barely-used makeup items.

“I’m getting really f–king sick of stupid people trying to act smart and stupid is as stupid does,” Frankel said in a TikTok video on Sunday.

Earlier on in the three-minute rant, Frankel brought up how a former “Housewife” said she had a “white savior complex” how that was “actually racist to say.”

“It’s saying that I am trying to be a white savior to people of color by bringing them makeup,” Frankel said.

The “Real Housewives of New York City” alum explained that the statement is “not even factual,” since she gave the bag of makeup to one TJ Maxx cashier with the intention of dispersing it throughout that store’s staff, so she was unaware of what the other people looked like.

A screenshot of Bethenny Frankel talking
Bethenny Frankel slammed Carole Radziwill as “stupid” after she called Frankel a “white savior.”
Bethenny Frankel/TikTok

A screenshot of Bethenny Frankel talking
Frankel went on to describe people like Radziwill as “provocative,” “unnecessary” and “really really ignorant.”

“We’re just in this time where people want to say something provocative so people can jump on and the mob can come, and it’s like everyone’s just trying to come up with some great catchphrase that they can criticize you,” she continued.

Frankel, 52, called out people who are “not educated” and just trying to “prove how smart they are” with “this terminology.”

“It’s very arrogant, it’s very bombastic and it’s pretentious,” she continued, while later adding that “calling people names” in 2023 is “provocative,” “unnecessary” and “really really ignorant.”

A mirror selfie of Carole Radziwill
Radziwill initially called out Frankel for having a “white savior complex” with her makeup video.

Frankel also shut down sentiments that she’s “cosplaying being poor by going to TJ Maxx,” because she’s been going there for “decades.”

Last week, Frankel shared a since-deleted video that quickly became controversial where she ventured to TJ Maxx with bags of products that makeup companies gifted her and recorded herself giving one of the cashiers a bag.

However, the woman appeared nervous accepting the gift and told Frankel that she was scared she’d “get in trouble for taking it,” because it’s against company policy to take “any kind of gratuity or gifts.”

Frankel received backlash for the “offensive” video, as people claimed the employee seemed “petrified” and called it “cringeworthy” and “tone deaf” to film the whole ordeal.

A selfie of Bethenny Frankel
The Skinnygirl founder sparked controversy when she filmed herself giving TJ Maxx employees her once-used makeup products.
Bethenny Frankel/TikTok

A TJ Maxx employee talking to Frankel
Some users found it “offensive” to film her attempted good deed.

Radziwill – who has not been friends with Frankel since they had a public falling out in 2018 – also chimed in and tweeted about the “nonsense” over a video of the TikTok on Friday.

“Who sent this to me? Lol. I mean stop this nonsense . So much to unpack but I’m not getting paid to do this any longer. But here…one ‘word’: #whitesaviorcomplex,” Radziwill, 60, wrote.

Frankel later defended her intentions, since she does “not want [the products] to go to waste” and clarified that she picked up the bags and gave them to employees at another store that did not have the same non-gratuity policy.

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