Ramona Singer Claps Back at Sai De Silva With ‘Aggressive’ Response

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It can always be awkward when a former Housewife bumps into a current Housewife. That was reportedly the case for Sai De Silva when she met Ramona Singer at Art Basel. Sai said Ramona had acted like a “bitch to her.”

At the time, many speculated the former Real Housewives of New York star was jealous of the newbie. Ramona tried to clear the air with some DMs. Andy Cohen brought up said DMs on Watch What Happens Live, saying that Ramona claimed she and Sai had a good conversation.

But Sai showed she had left Ramona to do all the talking. The only thing Sai wrote was that it was nice to meet Ramona. So, the RHONY veteran got together with her daughter to clear the air. Ramona and Avery Singer spoke on their podcast, Turtle Time, via PodcastOne.

Ramona admits she didn’t recognize Sai

Avery informed her mother that Sai kept “talking about” Ramona. Avery theorized Sai was doing it to stay relevant and continue receiving press. She informed her mother she, Ramona, called Sai “a bitch and … an assh*le.” Ramona quickly assured, “I’d never say that to anyone.” She added, “I’m a woman who supports women. That is my mantra and it always will be.”

She declared she would “set the record straight,” and get “aggressive” while doing so. “You and I were in Miami for Art Basel,” she began. “It was really crowded and really crazy and overwhelming. And this very beautiful, petite girl came up to me and said, ‘Hi Ramona’ … I admit, my face wasn’t embracing.” Ramona explained she wasn’t sure if she knew Sai. Avery acknowledged her mother was bad with faces.

At this point, Sai reportedly introduced herself, Ramona said it was nice to meet her, and the two did an Instagram story together. Ramona said, “Well, I just want to wish you a lot of luck, ‘cause you’re gonna need it.” However, she said she didn’t mean that maliciously, but genuinely. “It’s stressful … I know that.”

Ramona also explained the texts she left after the fact — the ones Sai brought up on WWHL. Ramona left her number, offering to let Sai call or text at any time. The Singers went on asking why Sai would lie about her experience with Ramona, further theorizing on the press theory.

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Jenna Lyons, Sai De Silva

Jenna and Sai got real.

Sai De Silva

Be careful who you tell your secrets to.

Jenna Lyons

Will Jenna be one and done?

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