Every Bombshell From Vanderpump Rules’ Explosive Reunion


Possibly the most heated moment during part one was Kennedy and Sandoval’s near-physical fight. Though Sandoval claimed the two weren’t close prior to Scandoval, the DJ mourned the loss of their friendship.

“You’ve been a big bro, dude,” Kennedy said. “It just goes to show how much a friend you never were. You’ve always been an opportunist.”

But after the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner replied, “You f–ked Kristen [Doute] to get on the show,” an enraged Kennedy rushed toward Sandoval, forcing Cohen to physically separate them to prevent a fight (and drop his cue cards in the process).

Once Kennedy was back in his seat, Sandoval fired back, “Get in my face again I will f–k you up, motherf–ker,” causing Kennedy to once again get up and reply, “I will f–k you up so quickly.”

After Cohen restrained Kennedy for a second time, he reprimanded the 31-year-old saying, “Stay in the f–king chair.”

Kennedy then left set to cool down, but not without a parting message to Sandoval: “Pussy bitch. You’re a worm with a mustache!” 

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