Beauty Product Spotlight – Caire Beauty – Female Biology Focused Skincare Company

Beauty Product Spotlight – Caire Beauty – Female Biology Focused Skincare Company


Caire Beauty is a skincare brand developed specifically to slow down skin’s aging in pre- and post-menopausal women. Founded by Lorrie King and Celeste Lee, Caire Beauty is a science-backed, female-biology focused skincare company.

Founders Lorrie King and Celeste Lee were in their 50’s themselves when they uncovered that hormone-associated aging- THE primary driver of skin aging in midlife women – was an ignored arena.

In early 2021, they launched the Caire Lab & brand to create proprietary, clinically verified skincare, designed to counteract the skin cell generation slowdown caused by hormone decline. The CAIRE brand ethos is premised on belief in age-positive female strength, confidence and capability.

The Caire lab makes scientifically advanced formulations and delivery systems to address specific life events including menopause, aging, and critical health challenges. We bring the science of prestige and physician branded products directly to any woman for an affordable price.

Caire’s brand ethos is premised on belief in age-positive female strength, confidence and capability. Today, Caire Beauty is on the leading edge of a cultural sea change, whereby lifestyle products and services are reinventing how today’s woman experiences peri/menopause and midlife.

Founder Story:

Founders Celeste Lee and Lorrie King are both Wharton graduates and through a mutual friend who was at college with Celeste and later in the same MBA class as Lorrie, the two Founders became part of the same friend circle. They found themselves both working with multinational beauty company, Coty, the friends enjoyed working brainstorming new ideas in beauty & wellness. Naturally, their mutual friends would ask for beauty advice. In their 40s, they began fielding numerous questions about the dramatically changing skin around the eyes (eye bags, circles, fine lines, droopiness, discolorations). Celeste & Lorrie wondered why the skin was changing so dramatically and seemingly out of the blue. Research led them to the hidden knowledge that estrogen/progesterone (eg. sex hormones) are not just about the procreation of babies – – they are in fact powerful messengers necessary to daily skin cell regeneration.

It didn’t take long as women in menopause themselves to find out that the whole concept of menopause (from peri to post!) is a taboo topic culturally. So they joined forces with a former head of innovation from J&J, Dr. Joseph Librizzi to develop a science strong but also consciously clean approach to hormone decline associated skin aging – also known as internal skin aging.

The Caire brand rethinks Skincare for Grownup Women from a fundamental formulation perspective but also from a female cultural viewpoint. Caire presented The Marvelous Mrs Menopause event in October of 2022 featuring Dr. Carol Kuhle, Director of Menopause and Sexual Health from the Mayo Clinic and other luminaries including Stacy London of What Not to Wear, Supermodel Veronica Webb and more. Today more than ever, Lorrie & Celeste believe that great science combined with an age-positive voice is what today’s midlife woman expects – – and indeed deserves.

The official website for Caire Beauty may be found at

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