“The Mercenaries” Mode for ‘Resident Evil 4’ Remake Coming April 7


Stealth Survival Horror is headed your way with Vincent Lade’s Jawbreaker. Not to be confused with the Darren Stein film, the game is inspired by the likes of Outlast, Alien Isolation and Resident Evil. Jawbreaker already has a demo available on Steam and itch.io, with a release date of Q4 2023.

Jawbreaker takes place in the alternate future of 2028, where after an economic collapse in the United States results in the “Awakening”, where the average person is driven to join any armed group that will have them in order to fight for supplies and territory. You play as one such member of a gang in New Citadel City. Supplies are running low in your bunker, and you’ve volunteered to venture out into the concrete ruins of the city to loot for anything to bring back. During your expedition, an untouched police station catches your eye. Breaking into the station, you soon find out why the police station was left untouched, and why you’re now fighting for your life.

According to Vincent, Jawbreaker combines the oppressive atmosphere of Outlast with the stealth and combat of Alien Isolation and the puzzles and inventory management of Resident Evil. The result has you relying on stealth tactics such as throwing objects to distract and hiding in lockers or under tables to survive. You won’t be completely helpless, as you have a few weapons at your disposal. However, the use of guns may draw unwanted attention. Jawbreaker will also have multiple endings to “prove if you are a true survivor”.

Along with the demo, be sure to keep an eye out for Steam Next Fest in June, where Jawbreaker will be a participant.

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