The Bachelor’s Gabi Elnicki Is Deleting Nasty Instagram Comments Following Zach Shallcross Fantasy Suite Drama; Says “I Don’t Need Negativity”

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It must be super embarrassing to share an intimate moment with your boyfriend, only to have him tell the world about it on national TV. Gabi Elnicki is dealing with the backlash following her Fantasy Suite date with Bachelor star Zach Shallcross.

The Vermont native (did you know they make maple syrup there?) had shared some photos on Instagram prior to Monday’s episode. But as Us Weekly reported, Gabi took steps to stop the negative comments that started after the show aired.

When a follower called her out for deleting mean comments, Gabi readily admitted it. “Yes, I am [deleting comments]. Because I don’t need negativity and hate on my page. It’s so unnecessary and unkind. There is NO reason to put others down, get off my page if you don’t like me.”

After admitting it, messages of support flooded her comments. The follower who originally called her out assured Gabi she meant no harm, writing, “I like you queen just here for the drama.” Someone else said, “Preach sweetie don’t let ignorance bother you!” Another poster urged, “Screw the haters.”

Even Bachelor Nation darling Wells Adams and his wife, Modern Family alum Sarah Hyland, felt compelled to comment on the 10-car pileup Zach made of Fantasy Suites on Monday’s show.

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At the beginning of Fantasy Suite Week — which Zach so elegantly referred to as “Sex Week” — the Bachelor and his three remaining girlfriends arrived in Thailand. Everyone was looking forward to the overnight dates, where they would have uninterrupted time, away from the cameras. All of the three remaining ladies (Ariel Frenkel, Kaity Biggar, and Gabi) were looking forward to having some “sexy time” with Zach, hoping it would deepen their relationships.

But Zach quickly put the kibosh on any fantasies being fulfilled in said suites. He stunned host Jesse Palmer with the vow that there would be “No sex of any kind [in the] Fantasy Suites.” The Nation cringed, suspecting that the California native’s oath of abstinence would not go well. And it didn’t. In Zach’s own words, it ended up biting him “in the ass.”

Ariel had the first date, and she did seem disappointed when she heard Zach’s “no sex” rule. But she decided to make the best of it, predicting their physical chemistry would still make things “hot and steamy.”

The second date was with Gabi. At dinner that evening, Zach told her about his vow not to be physical with any of the women on the overnight dates.

“Did I think I was going to get engaged to somebody that I’ve never had sex with? Probably not,” Gabi laughed. “But we’re gonna work on it later.” Even though she wasn’t happy, she was relieved that her boyfriend wasn’t “test driving” either of the other women. And after promising not to seduce him, off they went to their private room.

Gabi told the camera, in a bit of foreshadowing, “Zach says he’s not having sex, but I don’t know. Maybe he will.” And he did. That vow didn’t last very long.

The next morning, a guilt-ridden Zach confessed to Jesse that he and Gabi had “agreed . . . to have sex together, and it was very special.” Zach felt terrible about breaking his word and worried the other women would be hurt that he had said one thing and done another. Though he had “zero regret” about what happened with Gabi, he felt compelled to “be honest” with the other women. Ugh. If he was worried about hurting the other women, why on Earth would he do that?!

After first telling Gabi he was going to confess their intimate moment to the other women, Zach left for his Apology Tour. We didn’t see how Ariel took the news (or if Zach even told her), but Kaity was crushed. Even though she was feeling “distant and confused,” Kaity joined Zach in the not-such-a-Fantasy Suite. I don’t think things were as hot and steamy as Kaity would have hoped. I’m imagining more of a tense and tearful scenario. I can’t believe she even continued with the date. He’s just so slimy.

At the Rose Ceremony, Gabi and Kaity received roses, and Ariel went home. Consider yourself lucky, Ariel! You deserve so much better than Clayton Echard 2.0.

While Zach escorted Ariel to her Van of Rejection, Kaity turned to Gabi and whispered, “I know you were the only one.” Gabi turned away at first, but then said, “I feel like I’m wearing an ‘A’ on my chest. [Bleeping] Scarlet Letter over here.”

In a confessional interview, Gabi admitted to having mixed feelings. Even though she was one of the final two women, “I thought I’d be a lot happier.” Something that should have been private was no longer private, and her trust was broken. And worst of all, Zach’s cleared conscience came at the expense of Gabi’s heart, and Gabi had no say in the matter. If he doesn’t pick Gabi in the end, it will seem like he just used her and cast her aside. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Remember that “drama-free” season Zach promised us? What in the world was he thinking?


[Photo Credit: ABC/Nino Munoz]

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