Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star Teresa Giudice Clarifies Luis Ruelas’ Comment About Sleeping In Her Deceased Father’s Pajamas

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Here we go kiddos. Round one of Teresa Giudice’s cleaning service has entered the chat. Yesterday, as fans watched a new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, something very odd happened in the preview for next week’s show.

Teresa’s husband Luis Ruelas was seen having a convo with Joe Gorga. In an incredibly odd, alpha dog moment, Luis proceeded to tell Joe he wears his dead father’s pajamas to bed. Luis did add it was done to provide a measure of safety and security for Joe’s nieces and sister.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but outside of binge-watching Monster in My Family, no one ever requested donning a deceased family member’s old clothes in an effort to make others feel shielded from the horrors of the world.

Naturally, all normal people became mildly concerned for Luis’ sanity after the comment and social media went crazy with folks discussing how sinister his words appeared to be. It took Teresa no time at all to clock yet another questionable Luis moment and first thing this morning she issued a statement to “explain” what her husband meant in the brief scene.

According to People, it’s all a big misunderstanding you guys. Carry on, nothing to see here. It won’t surprise you that Teresa loves Luis EVEN MORE now. She said, “[Luis] was definitely coming from an endearing place. I love him even more so for that.” Coming from an endearing place is a good one. It almost seemed like it was a direct message to Teresa’s brother that Luis is the main man in charge now.

Regarding Nonno’s pajamas, Tre shared, ”Those were brand new … My dad had brand new clothes that he never used. And that was just a brand new pair of pajamas that I said, ‘Babe, these are new pajamas that my dad never used.’ … So I think it came out the wrong way.” Sorry, still creepy. And unless next week reveals Luis snuck in, “By the way Joe, they were brand new, unused pjs,” it was a borderline psycho thing to say about someone’s father.

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And I still don’t understand how wearing the night clothes of a man he never met that is no longer here makes anyone feel “safe and secure.” It’s giving performative vibes and the optics are very sketchy. But Teresa is absolutely standing by her man because she literally has no other choice at this point.

Tre added, “They were brand new pajamas that I just gave him. He had a lot of clothes that my dad did not wear and I gave them away. So for instance, that was the only thing I gave Luis was a pair of pajamas that my dad never used. They were, I think Ralph Lauren that he never used. They weren’t his actual pajamas that my dad wore.” Teresa also wants everyone to think Luis wants Joe’s “approval.” She might think the word “approval” means “taunting” because Luis kind of looked like he was trying to bait Joe. Hopefully, it won’t be as creepy once the episode plays out.

She continued, “I know he was just coming from a loving place towards my brother. He wanted my brother’s approval. He was like, poor guy. I feel bad for him. I know he was trying so hard to just wanting my brother, wanting to love my brother and vice versa. And he was just coming from a good place. And I see that. And that’s what makes me love him even more because he’s been nothing but amazing to me and my daughters,” Teresa added. Is everybody ready? SURE, JAN!

I know we will are all waiting to see how it turns out next week and if Luis is absolved from literally looking like his next television appearance will be on America’s Most Wanted. But don’t worry, regardless of what happens, Teresa will issue a “clarification” in less than 24 hours.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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