The Bachelor: Zach’s “No Sex” Week Throws Things Into Chaos


Well, time to find out!

A guilt-stricken Zach visited Gabi and told her he let their little secret slip out while talking to Jesse—and the admission didn’t exactly sit well with her.

“I do feel like my trust was broken because I did feel like it was between us,” Gabi said in confessional. “Now it’s between us plus everyone else.”

Everyone else including Kaity—who had the final Fantasy Suites Week date with Zach. After a brief kayak trip down a Thailand river, it started to rain and Zach couldn’t hold his secret any longer.

“I have been intimate this week,” Zach told Kaity. “It was a decision between us that made sense to further the relationship.”

Sitting side-by-side in the rain, Kaity was taken aback.

“I get that you wanted to tell me and I know you’re saying that because you respect me,” she responded, “but I could have honestly went without hearing that.”

Kaity, though visibly upset, mostly managed to hold it together while chatting with Zach—but it was a different story in confessional. 

“Well, I’m crushed,” she said. “The first thing I basically hear come out of his mouth is, ‘I set boundaries and parameters about coming into this and not being sexual with other girls, but hey, I want to let you know I was.'”

After a tense conversation with a member of production—in which Kaity said she was “so f–king confused, the simmering tension was alleviated at dinner when Zach said he just can’t keep secrets because “it will literally make me sick to stomach.”

“I feel a lot better,” Kaity said after dinner. “In relationships, things aren’t going to be easy all the time. Obviously, this is a very strange circumstance. But I had the clarity I needed and wanted from him. It feels good.”

Suspiciously, however, it was not revealed if Zach and Kaity broke the rule later that evening themselves. And ultimately, the rose ceremony saw Zach offer roses to Gabi and Kaity—sending Ariel home.

“I’m hurt because I know how great of a person he is,” Ariel said. “I know that I felt this way for the first time in a while for a reason.”

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