This Retinol Stick Makes Me Look Like I Woke up With a Photo Filter On


If you need additional info before you shop, here are some rave reviews from shoppers.

Peace Out Retinol Face Stick Reviews

A shopper explained, “I love using the Peace Out Retinol Face Stick by Peace Out Skincare! It truly is a magic wrinkle eraser!! It helped my fine lines, wrinkles, and unwanted texture all disappear in just a short time frame! It also helped to visibly brighten up my skin!! It really does lock up all my serum and moisturizer while helping to reveal smoother, firmer, and more youthful skin!!”

I love this retinol stick. I’m a sucker for easy solutions to skincare concerns. The fact that this product comes in stick form makes it so easy to apply. I apply it nightly to my forehead, and my smile lines. So far I have noticed that immediately after application my smile lines appear slightly less noticeable. My forehead wrinkles as well. I love the ease of application and also the effectiveness of the product.

Amazing!! It made the lines on my forehead almost disappear just after a few times using it! Also it makes the pores look smaller, it’s a fabulous retinol for people that are sensitive to superstrong retinols!

The Peace Out Skincare Retinol Face Stick is a 10/10! I used it as the last step in my skincare routine and night and I loved how it applied especially that I could massage it into my skin using the stick. I’ve noticed my skin looking and feeling better. I wake up to softer and smoother skin. The fine lines around my eyes and month don’t seem as noticeable. I can’t wait to see long term results with consistent use.

I’m a huge fan of retinol, and I’m a huge fan of this stick because I don’t have to touch the product. I literally swipe this all over my face and it takes two seconds. I have no sensitivity to it nor it’s irritating to my skin.

I love this product so much more than I thought I would. Using it consistently I notice that my skin feels smoother, looks brighter and I sew a noticeable difference in fine lines. I will continue to use this product.

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