Here Are The TikTok Beauty Trends Viewers Should Avoid


And while some DIY treatments are making the rounds again—such as at homemade chemical peels, DIY period face masks and the dotted makeup hack—many are not worth the try.

“One of the things is like these ‘do it yourself’ hacks where people are taking lemon, lime, baking soda, mixing it together and then apply it as a pace to the face,” Dr. Shah stated. “We just don’t know like how safe that pH is going to be for the skin and how irritating it’s going to be—especially when we have so many good skincare products out there. We really don’t need to be doing things like that.”

And along with avoiding the acidic DIY mask? 

“I would definitely avoid at home microneedling,” he continued. “The dermarolling—I’m not a big fan of that, especially if you don’t clean the device. Those are the things I would recommend avoiding right now.”

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