Whatever Happened To These Memorable Bravolebrities?

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Sometimes the most memorable moments in Bravo history are courtesy of a person we might have only known for one season. Maybe a friend of the main cast or a one hit wonder, reality television has taught us you don’t have to be around for a long time to make a lasting impression.

There are few limits to the drama and self-destruction we have seen, willingly performed by those who have signed up for the fame and glory. And for the ones who have left us, their stars only shined for a brief moment, but we definitely remember them. Time to see what some former Bravolebrities are up to who caused a stir, and then left the scene of the crime.

Rocky Dakota / Below Deck

Raquel “Rocky” Dakota appeared on Season 3 of Below Deck under Captain Lee Rosbach and then under Bosun Eddie Lucas. She only served as a stewardess on the Eros one season, but she become one of the main storylines surrounding the show. Rocky had a custom made mermaid tail and severely annoyed Chief Stew Kate Chastain. She was quirky, but aligned herself with a chef who could only make beef cheeks and snarl occasionally at Kate. Eventually Rocky and Eddie shared sexy times in the laundry room, but it blew up in Rocky’s face when Eddie gaslit accused Rocky of lying about their hook-up. We never saw her after the BD reunion, and Rocky’s Instagram is currently private, with only a link that takes you to the US Constitution. Who knew Rocky had such a passion for government documents? Prior to the private Insta, Rocky shared photos of traveling the world and doing yoga, as one does. Rocky also credits yoga for “saving her and guiding her into a healthy direction.” Namaste.

Jenni Pulos / Flipping Out

Jenni Pulos Nassos could teach a Master Class in the art of patience, courtesy of her former boss, Jeff Lewis. The two former friends appeared on Flipping Out, a show based around home design, which debuted on Bravo back in 2007. For YEARS Jenni shared her personal events like a divorce, marriage #2, infertility issues, and a loyalty to Jeff that was tested nearly every day. While Jeff took sheer delight in someone else’s dire straits (a Bravo staple,) Jenni remained a steadfast part of his team until… she wasn’t. In 2012 Jeff sued Jenni for a book she wrote, the suit was eventually dropped and the book published in 2014. By Season 11 of Flipping Out, the show was done and so were Jeff and Jenni. As of 2021, Jenni is listed as Executive Producer of several television series. Her last acting credit was in 2016. Currently, Jenni is preparing her two beautiful daughters for Halloween with her hubby. She is very active on both Instagram and Twitter, posting some absolutely magical pics of her family. I’m glad Jenni got her happily ever after.

Sarah Winchester / Real Housewives of Orange County

Don’t remember the name right off the bat? You mean you’ve forgotten in Season 7 when Sarah Winchester brought SHAME upon Heather Dubrow’s fancy cake?? Real Housewives of Orange County was not the same after Sarah took her toys and left the building. She wasn’t around for long but oh my god, the way she chased Vicki Gunvalson around a bowling alley is burned into my brain forever. Many thanks to both Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino for bringing such class to the OC! Who could forget Sarah taking a tiny sliver of Heather’s cake, testing the Botox in Heather’s forehead as she grew enraged at the scene. Sarah might have been a Tipsy Tina in most of her scenes and escorted out of multiple locations, but she left her mark. So what’s Sarah doing now? Fancy Pants ran into Sarah at a restaurant in early 2022 and said she looks pretty darn good. Sarah’s Instagram is private and she has really gone off the radar, but I know everyone will join me in hoping Sarah always carries some extra cookies with her, just in case her blood sugar gets low.

Dana Wilkey / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Oh Dana Pam, we hardly knew you. And by that I mean, Dana Wilkey managed to creep out annoy too many people on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast to become more than fodder for memes after Season 2. Despite Dana being known for bragging about expensive items that were not technically hers and being called “Pam” by Kim Richards, she managed to score reunion time and guest status the following year. But Dana’s world definitely changed and she went from trying to be everyone’s buddy to leaving her cheating fiancé and never quite being able to let go of her 15 7 minutes of fame. In 2014, Dana was arrested for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Oops! Dana plead guilty to one count of misprision of a felony. After Dana settled her legal issues, she started using her Instagram to dish the dirt on Real Housewives. Most recently Dana Pam appeared in The Housewife and the Hustler and created her own podcast called, Dishing Drama with Dana Wilkey. It might be time for Dana to let the mouse go.

Landon Clements / Southern Charm

I can still hear the shrill decibels of former Southern Charm star, Landon Clements’ voice in my head. Landon began appearing on Southern Charm as a long lost buddy of Shep Rose in Season 2. Recently divorced and trying to fix her life, Landon was determined to get back on track, but seemingly didn’t want to exert any effort to do so. She was on the show for three seasons and was great at first. When Landon started expressing poor opinions of a pregnant Kathryn Dennis while having alleged dalliances with Kathryn’s baby daddy, her co-stars began to question her methods of operation. When Landon said good-bye to Charleston, she said hello to California. And then she got a job in real estate. As of August 2022, Landon is still blaming Kathryn for her show business star burning out. She is currently a real estate advisor at Engel & Völkers and splits her time between California and Charleston. At this time Landon remains single and fancy free.


[Photo by: John Tsiavis/Bravo]

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