Bravo Shows That Were Axed And Left Us Hanging

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There is nothing more irritating than finding a new show to love and getting invested in a fresh cast of fabulously interesting people. Then once you are nice and dedicated, yearning for more, Bravo yanks it from production.

It happens whether we like it or not, and there are several shows with fans who continue to yearn for what they once had. Here are a few programs that were taken away perhaps a little too soon.

Southern Charm New Orleans

Southern Charm New Orleans was a spinoff of its Charleston namesake and premiered back in April 2018. This was a highly anticipated show with a cast of people who had real jobs against an incredibly beautiful backdrop. To this day I will never understand why the NOLA franchise didn’t make it. We had the tragic relationship of Jeff Charleston and now ex-wife Reagan Charleston. Christ, by Season 2 Reagan had a whole new marriage and child on the way. The incredibly feisty Tamica Lee and husband Barry Smith who had his own drama with saying the f-word. Attorney Justin Reese and his girlfriend that Tamica not-so-secretly loathed. Who can forget the extremely talented and physically blessed Jon Moody? But we only received two seasons of this gem, 18 episodes and Bravo cancelled it due to poor ratings. Don’t blame me, I was invested in every episode.

Mexican Dynasties

The Allendes, the Bessudos, and the Madrazos have Mexico City in the palm of their hands. These families are linked to one another by a network of relationships that span decades in both personal and professional settings. They dispel misconceptions, raise a few eyebrows, and boldly display their extravagant lifestyles while doing so with humor and a good amount of fun. In February 2019, Mexican Dynasties debuted alongside another Mexican-themed series, Texicanas. It was part of the network’s effort to diversify its content and talent, yet neither of these shows returned for a second season. Gee thanks, Bravo!

Flipping Out

Jeff Lewis had it made. A successful business and now an entire program to showcase Jeff Lewis Design. Jeff had a team of people who were regularly insulted by their boss, and those who couldn’t stomach his wrath were either fired or left of their own accord. Flipping Out had no shortage of flamboyant clients, racing to meet deadlines, and culling the weak. It premiered in 2007 and ran for 11 seasons, but then it seemed to disappear when Jeff found himself in some legal trouble after his daughter’s surrogate sued him for filming the birth. In the midst of intense conflict between Jeff and his co-star and colleague Jenni Pulos, Flipping Out came to an end in 2018. Jeff fired Jenni from her position at Jeff Lewis Design in the final episode of the series, “The Final Flip.” According to Jeff, they have not spoken since and that was the last time we saw him on a Bravo show.

Shahs of Sunset

While I think we all know what happened here, Shahs of Sunset being cancelled left numerous storylines up in the air. The core cast were genuine friends who had some very big personal issues to tackle, and were used to doing so while being followed around with cameras. It debuted in March 2012 and was unceremoniously axed after star Mike Shouhed ran into some very serious legal issues involving an alleged domestic violence complaint. In April 2022, after nine seasons, Bravo announced Shahs was officially gone from the programming schedule. Fans were left wondering if stars Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid ever reconciled. Did Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi make it big in the weed business? Did Nema Vand and his new veneers ever find love again? While the streets are whispering some of the stars may return to another show, nothing has been confirmed and viewers felt the sting of receiving absolutely no resolutions for people they watched for 10 years.

The People’s Couch

Okay, I know, this wasn’t a show with lingering storylines, but it was a lot of fun to watch. The People’s Couch invited viewers to watch a television show about other people watching television shows. The formula might have been basic, but TPC was a refreshing break from fighting families or heavy drama. It debuted in October 2013 and enjoyed 4 seasons until it was pulled because Bravo said n-o to Season 5. The show, based on the UK program Gogglebox, was a voyeristic take from someone else’s living room. Fans connected with watching someone sit under a blanket, provide running commentary, and discuss popular television programs. In 2021 Andy Cohen teased a possible return via Twitter, but fans received a new trailer for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills instead. I still miss you, The People’s Couch.


[Photo Credit: Tyler Kaufman/Bravo]

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