Meghan King Reveals That She Got A Nose Job And Breast Implants

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Living her best life! Meghan King has had a whirlwind of a year. So it looks like she’s decided to treat herself to some self-care in the form of enhancing her appearance.

As reported by Page Six, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star revealed she had a nose and boob job. She told her 900K+ Instagram followers, “Cat’s out of the bag. I’ve gotten my nose upgraded and my chest upgraded after 10 years.”

But prior to her surgery, Meghan candidly worried about “look[ing] too different.” She added, “That’s where my anxiety’s coming from right now. And don’t want this to look like a different person.” Meghan was also concerned that her “boobs” would look “so big that I look like I’m bigger than I am.”

The 38 year-old mom of three was thrilled with her results though. After showing off her new look, she called her plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Niccole, “an artist.” She also told Us Weekly, she felt “natural” and “enhanced.” Said Meghan, “I totally felt at ease … which is what I wanted!”

One week after her surgery, Meghan admitted she was “horrified” at the look of her swollen nose. “My nose was wider than it was originally. You guys, I had a vasovagal reaction … I puked,” she confessed on Instagram. Once the swelling went down, she said she was “blown away by the difference … after just a few hours.”

She also took a moment to poke fun at her old nose, posting a picture of Squidward from SpongeBob Squarepants. Meghan joked,  “Another photo of my original nose.”

Before going public with her surgery, Meghan walked the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, looking fresh and happy. At the event, she posed with The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson, causing fans to question if the two were an item. But a source close to the two shot down the rumors. “They had a lot of fun together and are glad to know each other now. But as far as a relationship goes, it’s platonic,” the insider stated.

This is a positive departure from a chaotic few months, where she filed and was granted a temporary restraining order from ex-husband Jim Edmonds. In the protective order, Meghan accused Jim of “frequent and consistent verbal abuse” via text messages and on their co-parenting app.

 Jim has denied the claims and last week, Meghan dropped the order against him. She said of the matter, “The temporary restraining order was dropped but we entered into a consent order that keeps the same terms as the restraining order. So it wasn’t dropped due to a lack of fear. It was dropped because it just changed. It just evolved and changed. Because of that, I feel safe.”


[Photo Credit: Mindy Small/Getty Images]

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