Garcelle Beauvais Confronts Dorit Kemsley For Laughing After Erika Jayne Cursed At Garcelle’s Son

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Garcelle Beauvais is one of the few reasons that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is even bearable to watch these days. She proves time and time again with the Fox Force Phonies that no matter how often they go low, she’ll go high. It’s clearly a trait she’s passed onto her children, who have been brought into the narrative aplenty during the current season of RHOBH. Garcelle always has to deal with some nonsense from these ladies, but always comes out on top.

Garcelle’s sons have been a major part of the Bravo narrative as of late. Whether it’s Erika Jayne asking Oliver Saunders for a 3-way or nasty bots attacking Garcelle’s teenage son on Instagram, there’s been a lot of cringe-worthy moments. The ladies love to call each other out whenever one of their kids, even if they are adults who participate in the show, is brought into the narrative. Yet, for some reason, that hasn’t applied to everyone when responding to the treatment of Garcelle’s sons. It’s more than just head-scratching.

The most harrowing example of this is when Erika drunkenly cursed at Garcelle’s 14-year-old son during Garcelle’s birthday celebration. To say she was on her worst behavior that night is an understatement. Garcelle rightfully brought up concern for Erika’s drinking after the matter, but everyone played it off as the Ice Queen letting loose. Let’s be clear — if someone acts out in evil and hurtful ways as a means to “let loose,” that isn’t justified. The worst part was that Garcelle’s buddies Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards, along with their husbands, were filmed laughing off the whole scenario.

Garcelle and Dorito appeared on Watch What Happens Live after the RHOBH Aspen Trip From Hell finally ended. The issue of Erika’s drinking was brought up on the show, and Garcelle got to let Dorit know to her face how the scene made her feel.

Basically, Dorit suggested that Garcelle was harboring resentment after Erika cursed at her son, giving her an ulterior motive to bring up her drinking. Garcelle admitted that she forgave Erika, but Dorit wondered if, as a mom, she still didn’t let it go. Garcelle shut down Dorit’s point by even noting that Erika thanked her privately for not dragging out the situation of her acting inappropriately for a storyline. Hmmm, she and her best-buddy Lisa Rinna AKA the self-proclaimed “Lebron James” know a thing or two about dragging things out. Anyway, Garcelle got her moment to clap back. “As a mom also, I didn’t want you to laugh at it,” she said.

Dorit went into defense mode and explained that the scene was in bad taste. She realizes that after Erika lashed out at her son, Dorit shouldn’t have defended her friend for letting loose for the first time in six years. “When I looked at it and saw it back, it didn’t seem like an appropriate time to disregard what she had done,” Dorit said. She claims she texted Garcelle after she watched the moment because it made her feel bad about herself. At least she can acknowledge her wrongdoings, unlike some of Dorit’s buddies. Garcelle didn’t let her down too easily though. “It was hard to watch,” she concluded. That’s an understatement.

The WWHL moment just indicates to me that this upcoming RHOBH reunion is going to be as dark as we might expect. At least it will provide some kind of ending to this chapter, and maybe the show can make some adjustments to the cast to liven things up again. Not including Garcelle, of course.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Image]

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