Harmony Dreamers Releases New Album

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Harmony Dreamers is a project conceived by powerhouse musical artist Byron Lee Scott that draws its inspiration from a deeply personal place. Scott doesn’t promote this work in that way. It’s promoted and built, instead, with a clear reaching out of spirit, a focus on our common welfare instead of focusing on the self. In the end, however, Scott’s intent is to assemble an expansive collection that reflects and encourages togetherness between people without ever coming across as saccharine and it succeeds, but it also succeeds saying much more about the character of the artist than anything else.

Your mileage may vary, of course. Listeners, however, are treated to nearly the full range of his songwriting talents from the funk-fired comical freakout of the title song to the child-like yet deeply intelligent and empathetic “Sophie and Pearl”. He isn’t averse to prominent instruments making appearances such as the bass in the title song or Scott’s recurring guitar contributions. Songs such as “Pass It On” are cut from a much poppier cloth though. The keyboard/synth sound of the performance has an inviting sound that cozies up to listeners and inspires them to stick with the song.

There’s a harder edge cutting into the audience though with some of the later tracks. It’s balanced in songs like “No Stopping” and the pulsing heartbeat guiding it from beginning to end has an almost hypnotic effect. Another example of that template being used to excellent effect comes with the third part of the three-part track “Spinning ‘round the Sun” entitled “Solar Rays”. Scott loves constructing songs around a theme, and this is one of the best examples of that inclination in action.

“Free Way” is one of the best pop numbers included on the album. The 1980’s influence rising to the surface during the album never sounds dated despite its obvious heritage and the vocal harmonies, once again, provide a standout element. The percussion and vocal harmonies highlighting the track “Summertime Memory” are well-chosen components certain to broaden this song’s commercial appeal.

It’s impressive how much this collection can do. Byron Lee Scott doesn’t have any territory he’s shy about exploring and the audacity demonstrated by the compositional substance of I Come from Earth, along with the emotion and humor rife throughout the release, helps make this one of the more memorable releases in memory. It isn’t a perfect album, that animal doesn’t exist, but it’s something better – it’s an inspired reminder that plenty of musicians are out there, exploring the possibilities of their art, and not settling for business as usual.

If it has a transformative effect on our world, all the better. It has that potential, but that’s one reviewer’s take. Harmony Dreamers, however, is part of 2022 that will stand out in a musical sense because it marks the year when Byron Lee Scott attempted to bring the world together through music. It’s doomed, but no matter. The nobility behind such an ambition is enough and everything else is gravy, as they say.

Jodi Marxbury

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