Why Camila Mendes Says She Has to “Pay the Price” for Her Coveted Eyebrows


Camila Mendes‘ enviable eyebrows are a blessing and a curse.

While many dream of having bushy brows (especially after plucking them into skinny arches in the ’90s), the Riverdale star recently explained how one of her best beauty features requires an annoying amount of maintenance. 

“Every day that I go to hair and makeup, I have to sit in front of a mirror with a pair of tweezers and pluck,” Camila told InStyle in an interview published on Sept. 15. “There’s not a single day that I don’t.”

As the 28-year-old put it, “There’s a downside to having full eyebrows.”

“It’s not like it’s just perfect right here and no hair anywhere else,” she continued. “No, I pay the price.”

And even though Camila isn’t growing out her brows more than they need to be, she opened up about she’s “outgrowing” the hit CW series—which is ending its run after season seven.

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