Love Island USA’s Tyler: My heart ‘broke’ when Sereniti was snatched away

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From the bottom of his broken heart. 

“Love Island USA” star Tyler Radz never expected that Sereniti Springs would be snatched away from him — or that their breakup, subjugated by newcomer Bria Bryant, would result in his early exit from the Peacock reality show. 

“She was probably the person I was closest with in there. And it just broke my heart,” Radz tells Page Six in an exclusive interview, reflecting on Springs’ emotional reaction to their split.

Bombshell Bria — who entered the villa with brother Chazz Bryant — was tasked with pairing her sibling with a girl, while he handpicked for her a boy. Springs ended up with Chazz, a shakeup that “blindsided” Radz, he reveals, and left his love interest in tears. 

Tyler Radz
“Love Island USA” star Tyler Radz reflects on his unexpected split from Sereniti Springs in an exclusive interview with Page Six.

“I felt so bad. But then on the flip side, I don’t want her to be that sad about me because I still want her to have the best experience and find what she wants,” Radz says of his abrupt split from Springs. 

“But it was definitely gut-wrenching seeing her cry like that and I wish I could have still been there. I wish I could have had one more conversation with her when I was leaving.” 

The pivotal recoupling ceremony left both Radz and Zeta Morrison single. Subsequently, the villa had to choose one vulnerable individual to save — and ultimately voted unanimously to keep OG Islander Morrison around.  

Tyler Radz and Sereniti Springs on "Love Island USA"
Radz and Springs had palpable chemistry on the Peacock reality show.
Casey Durkin/Peacock via Getty I

“I don’t have any ill will toward them or anything. I completely understand voting for Zeta. She’s been in there since day one. I was telling Zeta, like, ‘I hope they save you. We call you Mama Z for a reason, you’re such a sweet girl,’” he recalls, insisting that he’s at peace with the cast’s decision.

“I was just trying to kind of mentally prepare to leave.” 

Episodes prior, Radz chose to couple up with Springs — even after a romantic one-on-one date with Val Braggs, the first Islander to be dumped from the villa

Tyler Radz and Zeta Morrison on "Love Island USA"
After Springs was taken away from Radz in a pivotal recoupling ceremony, the villa voted to save OG Islander Zeta Morrison from being dumped.
Casey Durkin/Peacock via Getty I

“When I talked to Sereniti … my mouth and my face started hurting from smiling and laughing. I was just thinking in the back of my head, like, ‘This is awesome,’” he says of the palpable chemistry he felt during his beachside picnic with Springs. 

“At the end of the day, they’re both gorgeous girls. Sereniti just had that one-of-a-kind personality where I was just blown away by her.”

Although Radz hopes Springs wins the $100,000 at the end of the season — either with Chazz or another boy — he is also optimistic they will rekindle their relationship in any capacity once she leaves the villa. 

Sereniti Springs and Tyler Radz on "Love Island USA"
“I’m definitely looking forward to talking to her when she heads out of the villa,” Radz tells Page Six of rekindling his relationship with Springs.
Casey Durkin/Peacock via Getty I

The Ohio native, known to viewers as “Tarzan Tyler” for his luscious locks and chiseled physique, says he and Springs plan to one day reunite in her native New Orleans. 

“We have a feeling that we’ll be in each other’s lives in whatever way. And when I left, I told her I’ll see her in Louisiana,” he notes. 

“Obviously, I hope she wins it all. That’d be awesome for her. But whether it’s friendship or whatever it may be, I’m definitely looking forward to talking to her when she heads out of the villa.”

“Love Island USA” — hosted by Sarah Hyland — is available to stream on Peacock. New episodes drop Tuesday through Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. 

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