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Marlo Hampton’s Blue Ridge Mountain vacation isn’t the relaxing getaway she originally planned. However, SHE is most of the problem. She’s not even letting the women have fun because she’s obsessed with fighting with Kenya Moore. Girl get out of your own way and let the Real Housewives of Atlanta have a good time.

Bedlem In Blue Ridge

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

It wasn’t even breakfast time yet on the second day of the trip, and Marlo was already attempting to fight with Kenya. Why can’t Marlo be grateful that Kenya showed up (early) and was ready to hang out? I understand the frustration of Kenya’s unwillingness to stay under the same roof, but that’s Marlo’s doing.

Marlo’s created an environment that Kenya would never want to willingly put herself in overnight. The way Marlo’s hounding her at every second is a key indicator of why Kenya’s not interested. It’s too early in the day for Marlo to be causing this level of chaos.

Kenya doesn’t want to be provoked by Marlo at every turn. What’s disappointing is that these two seemed to be on the path to a genuine friendship. What changed?

I’m starting to think Porsha Williams was correct last season in her assessment of Marlo and Kenya. They only banded together when they had a common enemy. With Porsha off the show, they don’t need to fake their friendship anymore for the sake of strategy.

The group’s supposed to leave on a trip to the gem mine, but Marlo’s stalking Kenya throughout the house. She’s OBSESSED with having a one-on-one conversation with her. All she’s going to do is berate her to no end, so it’s easy to understand why Kenya’s avoiding her like the plague.

Kenya isn’t as toxic as she used to be, and she’s learned to pick her battles. Marlo’s coming off entirely too desperate to hold onto her peach. She doesn’t need to be explosive in every season. It’s too much.

I’m probably the only person who thinks Kenya isn’t out of line in this. The line of “I’m an icon, you’re an ex-con” is already GOLDEN. However, these women need to get their shit together because they’re in the driveway fighting for over an hour about this bs.

Sanya The New Bone Carrier

Sanya Richards Ross Real Housewives Of Atlanta

I totally understand the newbie’s need to “have a moment”, but she really screwed up. The trip was allegedly about peace and relaxation, and Sanya Richards-Ross took any attempt toward that and squashed it.

Sanya alleged she wanted to be a peacemaker between Marlo and Kenya. However, bringing up Kenya commenting about Marlo’s nephews did nothing but cause trouble. Marlo already has it out for Kenya. Also, Kenya’s not entirely wrong about what she said regarding Marlo.

Kenya didn’t want to bridge the gap and be besties with Marlo. The group was able to co-exist without that happening. Everyone’s acting like Kenya’s ruining the trip, and it’s not true. Even Sheree Whitfield’s being messy as hell and pretending like Kenya’s the problem here.

Sanya’s getting involved in something that’s honestly none of her business. There’s nothing good that would come out of doing this. She’s making rookie mistakes. These missteps are going to come back and bite her in the ass. Mark my words.

Later when Sanya sticks her nose further in everything, Kenya is dismissive and has no time for her. Period though. Why is Sanya being so messy? She’s making everything bigger than it needs to be.

She By Sheree Gets Closer To Completion

Sheree Whitfield Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kenya and Kandi Burruss want Sheree to succeed. I think it’s big of them to give her the connections needed to help her longtime dream finally come true. Those are the people you want in your corner. Kandi specifically has become somewhat of a media mogul, so any advice from her should be taken seriously.

After nearly a decade of Sheree talking about this nonexisting brand, it’s finally coming to the light. She has to deliver though. If she doesn’t, she’ll be a laughing stock. You can’t be on your third run with the show, still talking about this brand, and then flops, she’ll never be taken seriously.

Hopefully, with the connections provided by Kandi and Kenya, she can get the tools to be a success. It’s now or never for Sheree. People want to see the fashions. Please don’t let this be a Sonja Morgan toaster oven type of thing where it NEVER materializes.

Drew Barks Up The Wrong Tree

Drew Sidora Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Why is Fatum on this trip? I don’t even like Drew Sidora, but I get why she’s pissed about Fatum being there. Fatum has been extra from her first appearance in the group. Hiring a detective to run a background check on Drew is escalating things way too far. It shouldn’t be that deep.

In the driveway during the Marlo and Kenya fight, Drew coughs on Fatum, and Fatum loses it. She’s pissed, and Drew calls her Sheree’s lapdog and makes barking noises. Is this what the trip has devolved into? Damn.

It became obvious the ladies were likely never going gem mining. Everyone’s getting into it in the driveway, and they’ve spent hours quarreling over foolish crap. I’m not even sure why Drew and Fatum lost their minds, but whatever. There must be something in the Blue Ridge Mountain air causing everyone to be the worst versions of themselves.

Later on, at the gem mining, Drew goes out of her way to avoid Fatum. She hates her. In the midst of this, Drew’s consistently bringing up Sheree and referring to Fatum as her “puppy”. The trip is becoming a total disaster.

Marlo Cancels The Trip Early

Marlo Hampton Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Marlo’s drained. It’s been wall-to-wall drama since the beginning of the vacation. What was supposed to be her getaway from her troubles, left her off worse than when she came. A lot of it was her own doing, but she wasn’t the cause of everything. These girls have been acting up since they arrived.

Marlo tearfully gives a speech to the women about how bad she feels. She can’t take it anymore. This isn’t what she came here to do. The vibe before Kenya’s arrival was light and fun, and she feels like her nemesis showing up, ruined that.

Fatum makes a plea to Marlo about wanting to be a bigger person, but all it does is trigger more drama. Once again, Drew and Fatum are at each other’s throats. Once Drew threw a dog bone at Fatum, I was done. She LITERALLY brought bones for the women.

Drew doesn’t even own a dog which makes it all even more hilarious. The trip is over, but the way it ended was sort of iconic. Marlo wants to be happy, so she tells everyone to leave.

MARLO IS POURING HER HEART OUT ABOUT THE TRIP ENDING, AND KENYA’S PACKING SO FAST. Kenya couldn’t possibly care any less about Marlo’s feelings about this. She paid her dust from start to finish on this trip.


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